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12-01-2015, 09:40 PM
SPOILERS (What happens at the present time at the AssassinsīCreed: Syndicate)!!!

It would be awesome if they used the shroud in the next Assassinīs Creed to revive Desmond.. Like assassins would steal it from Templars and also gets from them Desmondīs body.. I know that the shroud only heals the wounds, but Desmond could be alive theoretically.. Weīve seen a video of Desmond being found by Abstergo, but it could be fake and he could still be alive somehow with some of the equipment Abstergo has.. Or if they just do it somehow with his DNA which is known to exist (I think itīs Initiate who has it).. We donīt know if there are no signs of life, because Desmond did not die normal way, it was that weird thing in the vault (i donīt know if itīs called vault).. The Assassinīs Creed would be again aimed more for the present time and we could still play and enjoy the characters we loved.. Desmond.. who was there from the beginning.. I donīt know, just nothing would be better than this in my opinion.. If you like this and would love to revive this old spirit of the Assassinīs Creed just support this by sharing it somehow or replying with common answer somewhere.. Maybe Ubisoft notices us and figures something out of it!
Feel free to write down your opinion and ideas!
Thank you, my fellow Assassins!

12-01-2015, 10:22 PM

Please always remember to also include [SPOILER] in thread title and use Spoiler tags in the post :) , i fixed those for you in this thread.