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Busty Sloth
12-01-2015, 05:59 PM

Welcome to the International Task Force! This team will be comprised of the elite of Rainbow Six Siege. This task force will specialize in Tactical gameplay based in strong Teamwork and Coordination. We will practice in Terrorist hunt and go into Ranked play to dominate the competition. This will not be easy to get into, so bring your A-Game. Once in ITF, you will spend two weeks playing as recruit until you can choose a specialist of your liking. Superiors will get first claim to specialists and Squad leaders will assign your role based on your skill and specialty in game.

We will be a highly skilled tactical team. We focus on intensely team based gameplay and military simulation style gameplay. You will learn tactics such as breaching, high-lows, stacking up, clearing, etc. You will also learn the name of each area of each map and how to properly call out enemies using the compass. We will practice at least once a week in terrorist hunt to be sure each player is on par.

Our first practice will be Saturday the 5th at 8pm EST. All people at practice will need to beat terrorist hunt on hard at least once.

1.Must be able to beat terrorist hunt on at least Hard with 3 or more people.
2. Must be at least 15 years old
3. Must be mild familiar with tactics such as breaching, stacking up, etc.
4. Must have a decent mic. No Kinect
5. Must have Skype AND Groupme
6. Must be able to take orders without question

1. Age?
2. Headset, Xbox mic, or kinect?
3. Former clan/team experience?
4. Gamertag?
5. Why should we consider you for ITF? (5 sentences or more)

My Gamertag: Valoryze

Send me your application on Xbox

Busty Sloth
12-01-2015, 09:19 PM
We officially have 7 members! Be sure to apply you guys