View Full Version : Suggestion, plus beta bug

11-30-2015, 05:06 PM
For the casual gamer that enjoys a friend hanging at the house, this should be the game to get. It has potential for multiple people to gather in one room and go objective hunting at the highest level. Having to match make with a temperamental 10 year old who will drop the game when they die is utter crap. Heaven help us if they are the host.... (another issue)

I like to play against others online in matches, but there is the occasion I like to do an objective.. save a damsel in distress or stop a bomb from blowing up, or just stacking bodies. I'm not sure of the extra space needed, but the gameplay is already there. Is it possible to add local play only? I have spent many hours with Modern Warfare 2 and 3 just doing the missions with my father-in-law who visits. I'd rebuy those games and add on just for those features if they were available on the PS4.

For now, the multiplayer terroris hunt has to change for hosts. There needs to be a penalty for the host leaving before the game ends, or something (still doesn't fiX the issue). I'd suggest the system dedicate a backup host (game pause) when the original host leaves. I can't tell you how many times in the beta I'd have a group to the end of the mission and the host decides to leave the game before the mission was completed. 20-30 minutes of slow peeking corners for enemies to have a pissy host leave.. not satisfying at all.

Beta bug - looping sound bytes (door opening, or gun firing loop, etc.) throughout gameplay of different souds and image glitching while looking through a red dot scope. It lasted the entire gameplay through multiple sessions, but I didn't reboot the game to see if it would replicate itself. Hopefully only beta.