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11-30-2015, 03:50 PM
i see a lot of attackers dying needlessly. try not to enter rooms you have not first scouted with your drone, you get two so you can plant your first one near them so they don't shoot it, and then the one when you spawn for room to room recon. i see lots of attackers breaking down a door, running down the long hallway and then getting shot from a side door. if you cleared it first with the drone, then you would know that he was there! you have plenty of time to attack. more time than you would need to play safe, but a lot of attackers tend to blindly rush in to try to secure the objective.

before the game even starts, try to have a well rounded composition. for example, with good communication,
a thermite can take grenades instead of an extra 2 breach charges,
a thatcher can take flash bangs (an amazing 3!) instead of breach charges
a blitz can take breach charges. since he's the 1st one in, it would be more difficult to coordinate with someone else instead of doing it himself.
a fuze for extra firepower
glaz, ash, and sledge are all good flex picks, where accuracy, firepower, and utility are well rounded. and they excel at covering the bases where the rest of the team is lacking.

try your attack in these phases
1. recon the area, know where their defenses, traps, and players are. with 2 drones each, all operators are pretty much even, except twitch gets yet another drone
2. remove traps,-- this is where players like twitch, IQ, and thatcher come in handy with good tools to remove door traps, mute charges, explosives, trap batteries, and cameras
3. set up, every one gets in position and ready to breach the weakspots of the room, this can be one person per window, ranged operators outside providing cover fire, or small teams of members that can immediately cover each other's weak spots.
4. breaching. after the breach toss in your grenades at hiding spots, and flash bangs in the middle of the room or on enemies, tachanka's turret is the first target for grenades, since it has more firepower than anything else in the game.
5. entry, make sure you go in immediately after a round of flash bangs go off, marksmans are best targeting tachanka and people behind shields, high firepower operators are good at suppressing the enemy and working for advancement of the shield operator or shotgun operators, then following the shield, enter and clean up the room, or secure the objective and quickly set up a defense.

good luck in december, mates.

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