View Full Version : [PC] nPUC - EU/NA Adult Casual Clan - New to R6

11-30-2015, 03:42 PM
Hey guys and gals

I run and game with a group of older gamers from Europe and North America. Everyone is 21 or over and it's a drama free gaming community. We all have real life stuff going on, jobs, family, etc. so we game as often as we can. A bunch of us have really enjoyed the R6 beta, especially the teamwork and tactics it's brought and have pre-ordered the game. The big thing though is that none of us have really played Rainbow before, (or it was a long time ago), so we're all learning as we go.

If there are any other new players who are worried about finding some guys to game with cause you think you might piss people off as you're still learning the game, then we're the place for you. If there are any Rainbow vets who don't mind baby sitting a bunch of grown ups for a short time, then you're more than welcome too :-)

We don't really have any silly rules, (like, you HAVE to game a certain amount of time a week), but we do have a few sensible ones:

• 21 or over (no exceptions)
• Respect all members
• No hacking or cheating (instant kick)
• Squad up
• Working Mic & TeamSpeak
• Registered on the website (http://www.neplusultrachiefs.net)

That's about it really. We do also play a couple other games, (BF4 and SW:BF), so if you play either of those as well you'd really fit in well.

Anyway, anyone who might be interested, you can either post below, drop me a friend request on uPlay (DrunkMonk74), or register on our website and send me a message and we can chat some more.


12-26-2015, 07:31 PM
Something to give you an idea of how we play. Like I said we're casual and by no means pro, so no call outs or anything like that, but we do try and communicate.