View Full Version : uplay friend system

11-30-2015, 12:46 PM

I have used Uplay for just a little while and i am more familiar with similar applications from other services.

I would like to see Uplay friend system to be improved. My main concers are of "too much clicking" and user friendly interface.

Here are few issues that could be simplified:

-Adding friends (i am not sure is this more of a game developer issue) from in-game, now I have to to go to Uplay and find the person i have been playing with through the search function. It would be so much easier if there would be a list "recently played with" or something of this sort.

-Game invitation. A friend invites me to game, and i don't make it in time to click the "ok" box. In order to accept the invite I have to -> open friends list -> double click the person whos name has the notification box -> click "join game".
I feel like this is a lot of clicking. Could this be simplifed? Could the invite box just stay in my sight and not disappear, unless the person who invited me cancels the invite? or some other solution.

Small things but something to concider.

Thank you and have a nice day