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hey all, sorry i didn't finish the whole roster, and i haven't kept up with the changes, but i might in the near future. and be sure to catch me streaming for honor, overwatch, r6s, league, and more on https://www.twitch.tv/spacebartender !!!

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*As the general rule of attackers- even if it's not near the objective, don't go into or past a room that you haven't recently scouted with your drone*
this part is the most necessary piece of advice i can give. too often do i see attackers walk through a building and get their head blown off by a hidden shotgunner. known where all 5 defenders are is how you know where you can move safely, but if you don't know where all 5 are in that exact moment, don't take chances, because a multitude of risks to save 45 seconds is an unnecessary hazard, you have plenty of time. do not rush it.

Many times in these guides i will be mentioning the damage per shot of a gun, and the DPS (damage per second), whenever I do I'm getting the information from this thread right herehttp://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1371874-True-weapon-damage-values-revealed-and-compiled-into-a-spreadsheet! created by sergio-svm. This guy contributed so much to the RSS community, and is the kind of person who enables guide makers like me to do our "jobs" much better

there are a few major components to the effectiveness of attackers

component------example operator
team support----Montagne

There are two kinds of entry. entry from indoors, and entry from outdoors(generally grappling is involved). Certain operators are better at indoor entry than outdoor. here's a few examples. since the majority of reinforced walls are indoors, thermite is generally more appropriate for entering from indoors. Fuze shoots grenades into the room, so he can enter efficiently from both outdoors and indoors, although on a second story+ objective in a small room, outside can be more efficient since he doesn't have to risk the indoor enemies before going through his specials. Ash, with her long range breach, is usually best breaching from the outside, where she can use her accurate weaponry to her advantage. I will be covering attacker's entry locations in each each "assault phase" section.

first on the list is my current favorite attacker, Thatcher

first look: Thatcher is mainly anti-trap operator with a secondary specialty of team support who has the load out of

AR33 assault rifle -OR- L85A2 assault rifle

226 MK 25 handgun

3x stun grenades -OR- 3x breach charges

3x EMP grenades

Thatcher is an anti-trap operator, meaning his kit is designed around taking out enemy traps, electronics, and anything else that would hinder the attacking team's entry of the defender's main line of defense. things like kapkan's door traps, Mute's mute charges, and nitro cells. not only can he destroy multiple devices at once, but he can do it from behind cover at a safe distance. he has two choices of primary weapons, both are accuracy based as opposed to firepower based, only one choice of secondary, like mute, these overall lack of options is more than made up for the excess of his usable resources. a whopping 3 stun grenades or 3 breach charges is more than most operators get. your EMP grenades have a surprising range, and can actually take out cameras that are on the ceilings.

This honestly isn't a choice that has a substantial impact on the game, take both into terrorist hunt for a few rounds and see which one you like better. personally i prefer the L85 no reason in particular, i used to prefer the K33, but this one has grown on me. i use the fore-grip,either the silencer or the compensator depending on the map, and 2.5x scope attachment. but it's completely up to preference

If i can communicate with a teammate to come with me, i'll take flash bangs. 3 doesn't seem like that much more than 2, but that's a 33% increase, that's 1 more than most operators get and that's a whole extra room or corner you can flash. if it lands in front of their faces, it's a little bit longer than a 5 second blind. and you can throw all 3 in right around 4 seconds. this is where the shield on your team comes in handy. since shields are best when accompanied by a teammate, and that it's best if shield handlers take breach charges, they go really well with thatcher, because they should be taking breach charges anyway, so you don't have to give up those 3 flashbangs just to make your own entryways. If communication is pretty much dead on your team, or you think you're going to want to take an angle alone, go for breach charges.

Normally this part is roll around, find the objectives, plant your drone in a good spot for your viewing pleasure. if your team has already discovered the objective(s), try and hide your drone so you can see their defenses. it's extra crucial to keep YOUR drone alive, thatcher and the other anti-trap operators alike, because this is how you know what to destroy before you get there. well scouted defenses are suckers against a few well placed grenades.

*As the general rule of attackers- even if it's not near the objective, don't go into or past a room that you haven't recently scouted with your drone*
if your drone was destroyed in preparation phase don't worry about it, but be extra careful with this one. when you see one or more traps that you couldn't otherwise shoot to destroy, toss a grenade. if i'm on a staircase, and i'm not sure what is above it, because of a mute charge, i will throw a drone to the end of the staircase to look up at what's above it to see if out to see if anybody's there, if not, toss a grenade. it won't destroy your drone, then you'll have safely destroyed that mute charge (and maybe an extra couple goodies) and can advance with your drone, (not in person, because you wouldn't walk around blind would you?) continue to clear the maximum amount of enemy devices possible for your team. and use your flashbangs in as many angles as possible in the room. if at all possible try to find their locations before flashing. but expect them to turn around before it goes off. Because the majority of traps and electronics are set up indoors, thatcher is best moving through inside the building where he can take out the most traps.


the first and foremost tip, get used to popping grenades under doorways, if necessary, blow out the bottom board until you get used to it, crouch if necessary.
scout with your drone, if there are a lot of potential entryways, try to clear as many as you can to give your team as many options as possible.
if necessary, you can stand at a wide angle by a wall to a doorway, shoot down a part of the barricade, and toss either an EMP or stun grenade inside.
your EMP grenades can take out ceiling cameras, so if it's not safe to completely stick your head out, or you don't want to give away your direct position, or your teammates need a camera dead, you can bounce the grenade off a wall, around a corner, over a ledge, or under a doorway in order to destroy it. like i said it has a surprisingly large radius.
if they have a jaeger make sure you know where his anti-projectile traps are before throwing your emp grenades into the room or under a doorway. your EMP grenades can out-range the traps.
your EMP grenades can be destroyed by real explosions so be careful not to throw them near a regular out-going frag.
EMP grenades can destroy electronics that are on the ground from the story above it. FOR EXAMPLE- CONSULATE, 2ND FLOOR say Mute has placed charges under the windows. If you climb onto the roof, stand on the roof right above where his mute charges are placed, and throw an EMP grenade right at your feet. The grenade will knock out the mute charges. This works with mute charges on the 1st floor and EMP grenades on the 2nd floor as well.


Thatcher is effective against:

Mute- Thatcher can destroy Mute's charges easily from behind cover, if you know where it is, but can't shoot it, disable it!
Bandit- Thatcher can disable Bandit's batteries with an emp grenade, try throwing it through the hole in the garage of HOUSE to clear the trapped reinforced door
Kapkan- again, if you can't shoot it, you can disable it with grenades
Smoke- you can take out one poison gas charge and he may not know it, but be careful, he still has 2 more.
Jaeger- you can take out his traps from a range, and from the other side of furniture or walls

Operators effective against Thatcher:

Castle- you can't disable super barricades, and if you take flash grenades, the only way you can get that barricade down is by shooting it. and good luck with that without a shotgun guy.
Smoke- you have 3 gas charges guy, if you notice him take one down, throw out another and set it off. you should know where your charges are and when they get destroyed
Rook- your free armor is not destructible via EMP. not only this, but he's got 3 armor, AND extra armor, and can beat you in a close-mid range 1v1
Jaeger- if you're unaware of the presence of his traps, or miss a throw, his traps can knock out your emp grenades.

Thatcher works well with:

Ash- ash can take 2 breach charges in addition to 2 ranged ones, easily covering thatcher's weak spot if he chooses grenades over breachers.
Blitz- blitz is probably the best teammate for Thatcher, taking breach charges can make an an entryway, and open up an easy choice of grenades>breachers, and a front shield WITH EXTRA AIM-ABLE FLASH BANGS!
Sledge- that fricken thing has what, like 10? 15 charges on it? it's faster and requires less preparation time, and can bring frag grenades, so in goes a flash, a second later in goes the frag, and they can't see it to avoid it
Thermite/fuse- if Thatcher can land a good grenade and take out the mute charge or bandit battery keeping thermite/fuse from planting his device, you can make it happen. that's what you're there for.


Next on the list is

first look: Fuze with a gun is mainly firepower. if fuze takes a shield, he's mainly support, with a secondary specialty of firepower. who has the loadout of


Ballistic Shield -OR- 6P41 Light Machine Gun -OR- AK-12 Assault Rifle

PMM handgun -OR- GSH-18 Handgun

2x Breach Charge -OR- 2x Stun Grenade

2x Cluster Grenade Charges

Fuze's cluster charges send 4 grenades into the room, which typically bounce in different directions, especially effective in small and/or heavily populated rooms. your charges can be used well in conjunction with other explosives and specials, such as breach charges, grenades, and stun grenades. He also has the option between team support and heavy firepower. going shield and stun grenades would be an example of complete team support. another way to go would be to use the massive 100 round belt for your LMG for cover fire and to draw attention away from breaching teammates. you could also use the assault rifle and breach in with your teammates, and still have a very high damage output/ and even more accurate weapon.

if your team is not centered around you, fuze is one of the best flex picks in the game. With such a wide range of options, he can be very strong in both supporting and firepower roles. If your team is using (for example) a glaz and ash for firepower picks, and no shield, then a shield/ stun grenades would be a good pick to support. if your team already has a shield, and you don't want two, the LMG would be a great pick. In smaller rooms you could either flat out kill enemies, or if you're not hitting anybody, pin them down, in other words, make them not want to move from their safe spot. with the LMG, since you should be at a different position than your team, you may want to take breach charges. if you can get yourself a way in, then stun grenades could be a great pick, you could chuck them through the hole you made with your machine gun. My favorite these days is the LMG, It's almost as accurate as the assault rifles, but with a 100 round belt.

I'm not really going to go into the handguns, they're pretty much the same. one has higher power but a smaller magazine, and the other is the opposite. if you have good aim, go for the higher powered one, if you prefer putting lead down range, go for the higher capacity one, there's no fine details to go into, it's a simple "who really cares" decision.

i'll tell you a little story. I had just cluster grenaded the cargo room with the nets, killed a guy, blew open the hatch, shot another one. my buddy is dead and watching me, he says "dude i dare you to jump down spraying randomly" so i did, turned around to see an enemy, standing there, looking at me, dumbfounded. so i shot him in the face. went on to kill the last enemy left on their team, and sprayed until the end of the round. and still couldn't finish off the magazine.

If you don't plan on breaching from your own angle, or going support with an operator who takes their own stun grenades, take breach charges. if you were to go in with an operator who takes 3 stuns, go with the breach charges instead of him, because chances are you're not going to need 3 breach charges, so it's best to have that extra stun grenade on your side. If going LMG, I like to take breach charges so i can plant it, get to a safe place, and blow an opening to where i can spray inside the room from back behind cover. if you plan to go at it with the rifle from the outside with a sledge or teammate with breaches, i'll take flashes, and either wait for them to blow open a hole, or knock the top boards out while upside down and toss a stun through the hole.

your drone is more expendable than anti-trap operators, so feel free to go nuts, but keep in mind that when you find their location, try and scout out the locations that are vulnerable to your cluster grenades. plot your route so you can get there ahead of your team. if you plan on going through the building, scout the enemies most outer defenses, and remember, if you don't know where all 5 of them are, scout your route to make sure it's safe.

*As the general rule of attackers- even if it's not near the objective, don't go into or past a room that you haven't recently scouted with your drone*
I'm going to tell you right now. IF YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE RESCUING A HOSTAGE, DO NOT SHOOT GRENADES INTO THAT ROOM!!! I'm guity of this. we all are, when you have that brain fart moment of "enemies? KILL KILL KILL!" and forget that you can kill the hostage, and then you throw that 2 for 2 match point round... so you've found the rooms you were looking for.plant your charges and set them off before your team breaches to go in. Fuze is one of the greatest flex picks in the game. If going in with a teammate, don't drop your shield to aim, because remember they're also behind you and if you get your head taken off they no longer have a dive buddy. if you have the machine gun, let your teammates breach while you coverfire, be careful not to shoot near them or they could dip into your line of fire and blame you, but it's a powerful tool for keeping the enemy from moving to a better position, or to flank your shield operators. If you have flash bangs, look at the layout of the room, if there's a waist high wall for them to duck behind, throw it behind that, not in front of it, because if it lands close to them they'll be blinded even if they are looking away. If you take the assault rifle, shoot in controlled bursts, there is a famous quote "you can't miss fast enough" that high damage on the rifle only matters if you hit what you're aiming at, it's better to stop shooting to readjust your aim than to try it while you're firing, not only is it harder but that's when you run through your magazine.


go for smaller rooms first, even if they are less populated, you are going for higher chance of kill or wound rather than multiple kills or wounds, with so few people per team, a guaranteed kill is better than a possible multikill
be careful of planting charges on windows and doors with holes in them, if they're looking the enemy WILL see you and probably kill you.
if on hostage mode, plant your bombs in surrounding rooms NOT THE HOSTAGE ROOM, more often than not, enemies will have defenses set up outside the objective room, and you can easily kill the hostage with just one unfortunate grenade.
if you have the LMG, try planting your cluster charge on one side of the room, then firing at the other side of the room, moving your sights to the middle, if there are enemies on the side where your grenades are going off, they may try to run elsewhere, leaving them out of cover and vulnerable to massive amounts of flying pieces of lead.
unfortunately you won't know if an wall or barricade has been muted until you try to set off your charge, sometimes this can be rectified by shooting below your charge aiming at the ground, but be careful, because they might fire out if they see you firing in.


Fuze is effective against:

Castle- Fuze can plant a charge on a super barricade, and even if they know you're there they can't shoot out.
Tachanka- if Fuze can set off a charge right at Tachanka's turret, being so immobile, there's no chance he can get off the turret and get away in time.
kapkan/bandit- fuze's grenades can destroy either traps at the maximum effect of the grenade's radius, and 4 whole grenades going into a room, if in the right position it's very possible to knock out a trap or two.

operators effective against Fuze:

Mute- mute's charges can keep fuze from setting off his cluster grenades, a major pain, especially if he's blocked off all the windows in the area.
jaeger- jaeger's anti-projectile traps can destroy 2 projectiles each. if he has just one, your cluster charges are only half as useful, if he has 2, he can block an entire charge. if he has all 4, he can knock out both of your charges.
pulse- just like if you were trying to breach, pulse can see you and shoot you before you get it off if he catches you in time.
Doc- often times, i actually see this quite a lot, Fuze's cluster charges only drop an enemy instead of killing them outright, doc can easily shoot his friendly back to health without straying too far from his camping spot

operators that work well with Fuze:

Thatcher/IQ/twitch- the anti-trap operators can detect/destroy mute charges them from a safe spot allowing fuze to plant and set off his charges.
sledge- sledge can allow fuze to take stun grenades instead of breach charges if entering nearby each other maximizing his projectile potential.
Glaz- with Fuze's massive suppression potential, he can keep enemies in place for some easier upper body shots for glaz's nearly 1 shot kill rifle.


Next on the list is someone i take whenever nobody else does


first look: Thermite is an attacker who excels in entry, with a sub-specialty of firepower.

M1014 shotgun -OR- SIG556 assault rifle


2xfrag grenade -OR- 2xbreach charge

2xBrimstone BC-3 thermite breach charges

Thermites BC3 charges can blow down reinforced walls and trapdoors, unlike any other operator in the game, making him an amazing pick in most situations. he has an option between a very accurate assault rifle and the only attacker with a semi-auto shotgun. he can also go full breach with two breach charges, or take frag grenades for corner clearing. the difference between sidearms is so minimal i'm not even going to put it up on the guide, if you want more bullets take the 57USG, if you want more stopping power, take the M45, the most basic of basic decisions in this game.

Thermite is usually best breaching from indoors, and since he has the M1014, shotgun is an excellent choice if you're going in through a building, or into an area of the building with small rooms. if long hallways are involved with the assault, it's best to go with the SIG, i usually take the sig, just because i'm not the biggest shotgun guy.

I almost always take frag grenades, since I play with a premade team (which almost always includes a blitz or sledge). but if you intend to breach for your team in two locations, say you have a thatcher with stuns and montagne who want to go in from the inside, you can go and plant your thermite charge, move around and regular breach from the outside. but since you have 2 breach charges anyway, i suggest going with frags, since you don't usually need more than 2 breach charges.

when you're scouting around with your drone, try and look for potential entry points that are reinforced walls. set up your drone in a spot that can see what's on the other side of that wall. reinforcing walls is meant as a means to lessen potential entry points, thus funneling enemies into smaller choke points and creating fewer entryways for your team to have to cover. thermite don't care, so try and find the most advantageous reinforced walls you can to open them up for your team. and check to make sure there are no mute or bandit charges on the opposite side of the wall, if you see one, have thatcher or twitch take them out before attempting to breach.

*As the general rule of attackers- even if it's not near the objective, don't go into or past a room that you haven't recently scouted with your drone*
Since the majority of reinforced walls are indoors, and since Thermite gets an M1014, Thermite is generally best breaching from indoors. Although on some locations (such as the top floors of the CLUBHOUSE map) where there are walls that can be reinforced from the outside, Thermite can be best used by breaching those walls from the outside. Breaching from the outside can create a long range standoff, which usually goes in favor of attackers since assault rifles are stronger and more accurate than sub machine guns are at longer ranges. Since Thermite's charges may be vital to the success of a team's breach, i suggest teaming up with a shielder and maybe another teammate as well to protect you until you breach.


make sure you touch a reinforced wall before placing a breach charge on it, if it's bandit electified, it'll shock you all throughout the planting process, and then destroy your Thermite charge after you've placed it.
placing your breach charge in the middle of a series of reinforced panels can help your teammates find cover on either side instead of just one.
if at all possible, try to save your thermite charges by having teammates breach un-reinforced walls windows and doors.
you don't HAVE to go through the entrance you've made, you can set a charge for teammates, move, and then go in somewhere else
if you cook a grenade right after activating a thermite charge, it'll have about a second and a half left on it, plenty of time to throw it to destroy a little area of your choosing
there's a rumor going around that you can destroy electronics on the other side of a reinforced wall with a grenade, i'll look into it and get back to you


Thermite is effective against:

castle- because who cares about your reinforced doors when i can go through walls
tachanka- oh that's cute you think you're safe because your back is up against a reinforced wall? lolnope.
kapkan- the chances of dying to a booby trap on a door is significantly decreased when you don't walk through that door.

Operators effective against Thermite:

Bandit- you can't place thermite charges on those walls that are electrified
Mute- can block you from setting off your thermite charges

Operators effective with Thermite:

Thatcher- is easily the greatest teammate for Thermite, he can take out half a room's worth of electronic devices
Twitch- is the second best teammate for Thermite. he can take out an entire map's worth of electronic devices, except her drone can be destroyed and can't jump.
Sledge- sledge is great with Thermite because he can knock down as many non-reinforced walls as it takes to get to your objective reinforced wall.
Shielders- can all protect Thermite's extraordinarily valuable pre-breach life until he blows a hole and becomes a normal expendable grunt


next is my second favorite attacker

first look: Twitch excels in both anti-trap, and team support components!

417 semi-auto rifle -OR- F2 assault rifle -OR- SG-CQB shotgun

LFP586 revolver -OR- P9 handgun

3x breach charge -OR- 2x stun grenades

RSD Model 1 Shock Drone

Twitch is one of two operators with an only semi-automatic (only 1 shot per pull of the trigger). Although glaz's sniper rifle is a lot stronger, assault rifle-wise, Twitch's 417 marksman rifle is super accurate and very accurate. The F2 is Twitch's assault rifle, very high rate of fire and DPS, but still surprisingly accurate. and her shotgun is just a shotgun, nothin special, but it does have a paratrooper-style wire stock, so that's pretty cool. Twitch is also one of the few operators who gets to carry the revolver, and even though it's one of the slowest firing, it has the highest damage [64]and DPS [456]out of all handguns, and the p9 your average run of the mill slide action pistol. Twitch's crowning achievement, the shock drone, is what sets her apart from all the other operators. not only does she have 3 drones instead of 2, but the shock drone can taser people. "don't taze me bro". the shock drone has 15 taser rounds, that can deal 10 points of damage (regardless of armor) per shot, and destroy all electronics in a single hit. The shock drone cannot jump, but does not lose speed when turning from straight to strafing to the left or right like regular drones do.

I love both the 417 and the F2, the 417 has not only has the highest damage per shot [65], but also has the highest damage per second (DPS) [671], even though it has the slowest rate of fire. The F2 assault rifle has the second highest DPS [637] of all assault rifles in full auto, and has a rate of fire (980), second highest to only Smoke's SMG11. I have 1v5ed with the F2 before, but just barely started using the 417 and I like it more. I never use the shotgun, I find that Twitch's ultimate ability is that she can do what she does from a long, safe distance. That can not be capitalized on with a short range weapon. The 417 can easily put down an enemy or kill them outright with a single shot to the upper torso in many cases. the first shot will always land where you place it, you CAN fire as fast as possible, but i've found that the faster i fire, the more rounds are off their mark. allowing your sights to properly reset will give you much better accuracy, and can ultimately allow you to do more damage. firing twice, and hitting twice in 1.5 seconds, is far more efficient than shooting 5 times, and hitting twice in 1.5 seconds. I use a fore grip, compensator, and an ACOG. for the F2, I use the fore grip, compensator, and holographic (the holographic looks and feels awkward, but i've had some of my best results with it).

the french characters have the option between the highest damage handgun, the LFP, and the lowest, the P9. Both have the slowest fire rate, but the LFP is a revolver with 6 rounds, and the P9 is a slide action with a 16 round magazine. the LFP, has an official per shot damage of 64, 1 damage less than the 417 rifle, making it the third most powerful gun in the game, with the lowest capacity, and longest reload time. According to Sergio-svm's damage chart, the LFP takes an average of 2 shots to the body to kill an armor 1-2, and 2-3 shots to kill an armor 3. the P9 has the lowest damage with an official rating of 40 per shot, making it 4-5 shots to kill an armor 1-2, and 5-7 for an armor 3. (and 6-9 for an armor3 with rook's extra armor) that being said, I take the LFP, even though both are just one headshot, you can land a shot, dip behind cover, and prefire when you come out to down or outright kill an enemy with 2-3 upper body shots.

I prefer taking stun grenades every single time on any operator. unfortunately, many times I find myself either the last alive with a teammate that needs me to breach, or all alone. So, if there is someone who i know is taking breaches, and i follow them, i go with stun grenades. If not, i take breach charges.

You're looking for traps. mute charges, entry-denial devices, jaeger charges, c4, etc. you're also looking to see where the enemy camping spots are. hide your drone in a corner behind something to use later. make plans for your shock drone. great if you can spot the objective, but enemy electronics and making sure your shock drone survives the trip to them, are your first priority.

*As the general rule of attackers- even if it's not near the objective, don't go into or past a room that you haven't recently scouted with your drone*
Your first job in assault phase is destroying traps. your priorities are:

any electronic outisde of their defense area, especially kapkan mines and outer nitro/gas charges
mute/bandit charges that would keep your drone from entering the objective area
mute/bandit charges that would keep your teammates from breaching
inner defense lethals, kapkan mines, nitro/gas charges
jaeger traps

The reason for having priorities, is that your drone tends to have a very short shelf life when being shot at. so you need to knock out the as many of the most important enemy electronics as you can before you're shot. and depending on the room or area, it can be more or less difficult to stay hidden and alive. If you have a Thatcher on your team, move priority 5 up to priority 3. The reason being, Thatcher can knock out anti-entry electronics and inner defense lethals easily by himself, but he can't get the ones on the other side of the room if there are 3 jaeger traps blocking a total of 6 projectiles all over the room. they don't destroy drones, so you can knock them out after you've secured your way into the room. Remember, you have 3 drones, this is why i emphasized Twitch's team support ability. she gets one more drone than the rest of the attackers. When you've run out of electronics to kill, there are a few things you could do. you could kill a defender 10HP at a time, or you could secure yourself a few assists by hitting one of each defender. you could wait until your teammates go to fight, then you can distract the enemy while they're engaging your teammates by tazing them when they peek to shoot. you can also kill downed enemies with 2 taser charges. After you're out of tasers, it's just a regular drone that can't jump.


If possible, go slow when you near the tops of stairs cases, if you roll too fast you could run into a mute charge before you have a chance to stop.
If you're going into the objective room/ defense area with your drone, peek corners, if you roll full speed into a room and they see you, you will have no time to get away before any decent player shoots you.
When peeking into barricaded or defended rooms, check for a kapkan mine, even if it's not next on your priority list. i mean, you're right there, if nobody's looking just take it out.
If you down an enemy that is near your shock drone, instead of leaving cover to go finish him off, get deeper into cover and pilot your drone, you could have just enough time to bring up your drone, and shock the downed enemy twice before a teammate can pick him back up.
regular drones will slow down when going from straight, to strafing (up to side position on the movement joystick for controller players) and will move slower while strafing, your shock drone does not, it makes evading in a serpentine fashion very efficient.
take a buddy playing mute into a private match, use his 4 mute charges per round to perfect the range on your taser shot. I've found myself in plenty of situations where an enemy is shooting at you, and your only escape route is blocked off by a mute charge under a door frame, and shooting it while moving at it full speed while getting shot at and strafing can be very difficult.
like i just said before, practice with the shock drone is key to mastering Twitch, practice full speed strafing shots on things like windowed and doored kapkan mines, walled jaeger traps and Nitro cells. This one you can practice strafe tasing in terrorist hunt, where nitro cells are in abundance


Twitch is effective against:

Bandit (careful, if your shock drone runs into an electrified wall or shield, it will be destroyed)
Mute (careful, if you roll up staircases or under doorways too fast, you may get jammed before you can stop)
SmokeAll of these defenders have electronics that can be destroyed by Twitch's shock drone.

operators effective against Twitch:
no operators are specifically "effective" against twitch, the greatest challenges are mute charges and electro-barbies that are on the tops of stair cases. they can be destroyed from a safe place with a regular or EMP grenade, but i've found that it's not always possible to shoot them, as their range can disable your drone before it gets high enough to get the electronic in range. If you can get up all staircases with your drone, however, shooting your drone is the only way for them to stop it if you're smart enough.

Operators effective with Twitch:

Thatcher-Is Twitch's greatest teammate, if you can knock out the jaeger traps, Thatch can knock everything else out, and you can save your tasers for the enemies
Shielders-With the 417, the first shot is the most important, if they're attracted to the shielder, you can peek and shoot before they have a chance to shift fire.
Thermite-Twitch can take out CEDs and mute charges that are blocking thermite's TH3 breaches.


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there are a few major components to the effectiveness of defenders

skill component---------example operator
team support-----------Rook

and there are two types of defense resources

PASSIVE: meaning you use it ahead of time and don't need to touch it later on for it to be useful, such as reinforced barricades, deployable shields, mute charges
ACTIVE: you use it as needed, such as Nitro cells, doc's medic gun, and smoke's poison gas.

An explanation of "Trading"
the term "trading 1 for 1" means 1 kill for 1 death. If after a skirmish, the attackers and defenders both lost 1 operator, they would both have gone 1 for 1. If the defenders lost 2, and the attackers lost 3, the defenders have gone 2 for 3. going 1 for 1 is not always worth it, on either side. If Thermite dies after defeating Bandit, but before he is able to utilize his TH3 charges, it would not be a worth trade. Bandit has already placed his CEDs, passive resources which will have a lasting effect on the map even after his death. While thermite has no passive resources, only active resources, which he cannot use after death. and since that 1 for 1 has turned the battle into a 4v4, he has not given his team the advantage. Now let's change Thermite to Thatcher, and say he was able to destroy all of the passive enemy electronics on the field, using all 3 of his EMP grenades, and then going 1 for 1 with the enemy Smoke. Now, since Thatcher has brought his active advantages to his team by disabling the enemy electronics, and kept Smoke from setting off his Nitro and Gas Grenades, It would be a trade in favor of the attackers. All this being said, Attackers and some defenders do not have Passive resources, and must think even more carefully before taking a risk. Just because you got a kill before you died, doesn't mean you did your part and benefit your team.

First on the list is the operator whom I choose about 90% of the time

first look: Mute is mainly anti-drone, and secondary specializes in anti-entry. With a load out of

591A1 shotgun -OR- MP5K sub machine gun

226 MK 25 handgun

1x Nitro Cell explosive -OR- 1xDeployable Shield

4x mute charges

mute charges are the core of Mute's kit. he can pick them up and put them down as he pleases, and they have the ability to cancel out all electronic devices that the enemy uses, such as drones and breach charges. typically, you will have to move your charges to more advantageous positions between the preparation and assault phases. if placed in the right positions, mute can completely negate the enemy's ability to find your objective, scout your defenses, and safely breach through certain locations.

depending on the location you intend on voting, certain locations and camping spots are better for either the shotgun, or mp5k. for example, on the map House, in the garage, if i plan on staying in the garage, i typically take the mp5k since a lot of the places in the garage are too long range to effectively use the shotgun, but if i plan on camping upstairs and coming up behind enemies trying to breach through the floor or enter through the stair well, i'll take shotgun, since it's more effective to kill an enemy with one shot and quickly move on to the next one, rather than multiple shots, and have to recover from the recoil. the recoil on the mp5k is pretty harsh, so i take the compensator and the triangle sight, which has the thinnest frame of all the optics to maximize your Field of Vision (FOV).

i take explosives about 90% of the time, always expecting them to take a shield user, but that's just my preference. everyone knows the shield deployed in the corner trick. if i plan on camping in a tight cornered, small room, i'll take shield and shotgun, or in a corner to overlook a larger room, i'll take a shield and mp5k. another great trick with the shield is planting it right in front of major doorway, and then a mute charge right behind it, making it impossible to breach and impossible to kill the mute charge without using a precious frag or emp grenade.

THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT IN THE GAME FOR MUTE IS THE FIRST 20 SECONDS! your first goal, before planting heavy barricades, before positioning your explosive or deploy shield, is denying the enemy's intel on your positions. your very first move in the game is to plant your mute charges in the right positions. lets give the example, of

FOR EXAMPLE- HOUSE, GARAGE~ BIO CONTAINER: your very first move is blocking that entrance in the gap, because that is the closest entrance to the garage.. sprint there and have a charge ready, plant it down. once you have done that sprint to the doorway between the stairwell and the workshop, congratulations, your very first job is accomplished without a hitch. since that's done, and you're right next to the hallway head upstairs and board up the trap doors. then head back downstairs and place a mute charge at the mmiddle of the double garage door on the left, the range is wide enough to prevent the entire garage if you place it right in the middle. then one at the dstructable wall by the stair case, this will force them to use thermite charges on the trap door, or forced to enter through the main door from the workshop to the rest of the house.

tl:dr, first think you do is place mute charges at stairwells and the closest entry points to where the drones spawn. then use the remaining, to block entry points and force the enemy to either break through a wood barricade or funnel through fewer entry points.

at the beginning of the assault phase, the attackers are usually moving closer to the objective rather than piloting their drones, so now is the best time to pick up your first mute charges and place them closer to the mid-inner defenses. if you leave your mute charges in their original anti-drone positions, they're left out in the open and undefended, easy to destroy, completely wasting the usefulness of their assault phase value. so pick them up and drop them by windows. your goal is to funnel the enemy into certain heavily defended entry-ways, and forcing the enemies to melee windows and doors, which is slow and noisy compared to placing a breach charge, making them vulnerable to fire from the inside.

FOR EXAMPLE- TRAINING COURSE, 1ST FLOOR: your first mute charge should be the front door, second top of the staircase to basement, third by the vent hole to the room with the large wooden side door. pick them up and place them down in whatever route is fastest, but i always have one by the big wooden wall and heavy barricade it making it impossible for them to breach, and one in the same room by either door your team is prepared for. i have one in the front window of the objective room by the door (if it's there) and one in the door way. if you leave one by the front door and the stairs, the enemy is just going to kill them, needlessly wasting 2 mute charges.


The best places for early staircase mute charges is right behind the top of staircases, if the drone pilot is speeding through, he may not have enough time to slow down by the time his connection starts going down, and the location of the charge makes it impossible to see from below the stairs, it's also nearly impossible to jump over.
-On flat ground, it is possible to drone jump over mute charges, but if you board up a door with a mute charge right behind it , it makes entry impossible via drone.
Placing your shield in a doorway makes shooting a mute charge impossible, forcing the enemy to use their limited grenade supply to destroy it if they want to breach, although be careful, they can use that shield against you.
Placing a mute charge behind a reinforced wall makes thermite's special breach charges useless. even though he can pick them back up, it still extremely limits their options of entry ways.
Placing a mute charge as close to a wall as possible to maximize the effectiveness of the range along the wall can negate nearly an entire two widths worth of heavy barricades
Placing a mute charge as close to a wall as possible can be tricky, but if you turn to the side, and then put either shoulder against the wall, you can place the charge as close to the wall as possible as opposed to looking directly at the wall and having to scoot back and forth.
Placing a mute charge right in front of a door is a good way to get it shot, if you use the wall shoulder trick, you can put it very close to the wall on either side of the door frame, making it harder to see. *additional warning* the bottoms of many doors you can place your charges behind are visible from lower stairs, so be wary about placement in rooms by stairs. placing the charge at the wall on the side of the door closest to stairs helps insure its safety.
WHEN YOU HAVE A BANDIT ON YOUR TEAM!!!! bandit's electrified barbed wire WILL destroy your charges. if you have a bandit on your team make sure they're aware of this, and not to electrify barbed wire placed over your charges, and don't be a **** and place your charges in bandit's electrified barbed wire, because bandit loses 10 points every time he destroys a friendly electronic device with it.


Mute is effective against:

Twitch- well placed charges can disable his drone
Thermite- placed by heavy barricades makes it impossible for him do breach through it.
Fuze- he doesn't know that he can't detonate his bomber until he's already planted it.

operators effective against mute:

Thatcher/Twitch/IQ- can all detect/destroy your many of your charges from a safe position
Ashe-can breach muted walls, doors, and windows from afar without being impeded by mute charges
Sledge-can breach a dozen muted walls, doors, and windows without being impeded by mute charges

Mute goes well with:

Bandit- is also has a very good anti-drone kit, with his electric barbed wire, you can both immediately plant your anti-drone devices in different places to cover more entry ways quicker.
Kapkan- is mainly anti-entry operator, with 3 traps you can mute reinforced walls, funneling them in through doorways which he can trap.
Castle- basically you can mute charge windows and doors that he's reinforced so the only possible way to get in is by either destroying the mute charge or shooting it down, which is really only effective with shotguns, so it really limits their choices.
Tachanka- tachanka's turret can really only be pointed in one general direction, that being said, mute's ability to funnel enemies into a few certain entry ways goes well with tachanka's massive but narrow firepower


Next on the list is my favorite from the beta

first look:Bandit is a defender who is mainly anti-entry, with a secondary specialization of anti-drone.

MP7 sub machine gun -OR- M870 shotgun

P12 handgun

3x barbed wire -OR- 1x nitro cell explosive

3x CED-1 shockwire

Loadout Summary
Bandit's CED charges can electrify barbed wire, reinforced walls, and deployable shields. you can even electrify allied barbed wire, electrified barbed wire will destroy drones in 1 shock if they roll through it or miss their jump. if placed right next to a reinforced wall, it will electrify the wall, shocking and causing a small amount of damage to any enemy who tries to place a breach charge (most won't even attempt except for thermite) or even walks too close to where they're touching the wall. if placed next to a deployable shield, any enemy who touches it will be shocked and damaged, and enemies who try to vault over the shield will fail and be shocked, most likely multiple times. these CED's can be shot, twitch tazed, thatcher EMP'ed or blown up to be destroyed in a single point of damage. they cannot hurt friendly teammates (whether by a wall, deployable shield, or barbed wire) but be warned, it WILL destroy allied electronics, if you electrify barbed wire sitting on a mute charge it will be destroyed, and you will suffer a 10 point loss, or if you electrify a wall with a jaeger charge on it, that will be destroyed too. it will also hurt and eventually kill the hostage.

i take the MP7 9/10 it has easily handled recoil, especially with the compensator, and very quiet with the suppressor. the first few shots are pretty on point, so it's acceptable to use at medium range, and with a high rate of fire, deadly at short. i take the triangle sights, being the lowest profile optics, they maximize my FOV.

People usually think "duh, you can electrify your barbed wire, obvs decision brah" negative ghost rider, this is actually more of a difficult decision than those people would think. say you're in Bedroom of the Biker club. there are only 2 walls from the outside, and teammates are usually covering the stairs, so electrifying the two walls will keep their thermite from entering, or forcing their thatcher/twitch to possibly have to change positions to knock them out. since two charges are on walls, two whole barby charges left un-electrified, even though still useful, not nearly as useful as electrified. so if your teammate wants to take barbed wire instead of shield, just go with nitro cell. but if you guys don't have a mute, and you're in (say upstairs HOUSE), any location easily blocked off with three quick anti-drone locations, definitely take the barbies for that early anti-drone ability. but as we all know, explosives counter shields, and using nitro actively instead of placing it early makes for a nearly guaranteed explosion.

this varies depending on location and if your team has a mute or not. But your first course of action is placing your electro-barbies in good anti-drone locations if you have a mute, direct him to place his charges at the furthest anti-drone spots, since placing your anti-drone traps takes twice as long, if you have no mute, try to get all the spots as fast as possible, and if you have reinforced walls to electrify, you can go and pick up your CED's after or near the end of preparation phase, and you can either move your barbies or leave them there, depending on how much time you have. since your preparation takes so long right from the start, direct your teammates to leave two walls un-reinforced that are close to the inner defenses, to shorten your "commute time", let the low prep time operators like doc or rook to reinforce the trapdoors above you and the further away walls, since they take up a lot less time to prepare their defenses.

by now you should pretty much be done picking up your CED's and barbies and placing them on walls, shields, or barbies closer to choke points and inner defenses. being anti-entry, your main goal by this phase is to completely block off potential entry points, assisting in the funneling of enemies into the smallest choke points possible. if those points are already created by your team, placing electro-barbies in those choke points to slow the entry of enemies. you get hit markers when damaging an enemy with electricity, so if you see some and hear your barbies rustling you can poke your head out and shoot kill them off while they're distracted. If you notice your walled CED's have been destroyed, make sure your team knows to watch those walls carefully, because a thermite is might just come through one. you can completely block off a doorway by having a teammate place a shield in the doorway, and then electrifying it, making it impossible for them to climb over, (i don't think they can get the angle close enough to shoot the CED yet, i'll get back to you on that later) forcing a thatcher grenade for entry to that doorway, but be careful, because they can still use the shield as cover as long as they don't get too close, so if it's castle enforced and mute charged, a thatcher grenade is the only way they're getting in.


getting your electro-barbies out asap is essential to keep drones out of your defenses to prevent pre-assualt planning by attackers.
avoid placing electro-barbies over allied electronics and explosives, it will destroy them and lose you points
placing CED's on reinforced walls on the sides of your defense helps funnel enemies into a more singular, more narrow choke point.
placing all three CED's in a row on one side can completely prevent entry from one direction, freeing up some easier defending spots for allies.
placing barbed wire under, behind, or in front of a barricaded door will make it impossible for drones to get through, and in most cases, impossible for them to even see the objective
placing the CED inside your room before barricading a door will allow you to pick it up later, if it's under, you will have to tear down the door frame.
anti-entry synergy is very important for bandit, while he's strong, he's best used in junction with other anti-entry gadgets to minimize the width of a choke point.

Bandit is really only effective against one specific operator, since his CED's don't actually counter any ability except thermite charges, his main usefulness is in anti-entry in general:

Thermite- as effective as mute is, he can keep thermite from even touching reinforced walls, let alone actually plant a thermite charge

Operators effective against Bandit:

Thatcher/Twitch/IQ can all detect/destroy your traps from a safe position
Fuze- doesn't worry about reinforced walls either, and his cluster grenades can knock out your CED's safely

Operators that work well with Bandit:

Mute- combined with Bandit's CED's can efficiently prevent the enemy from entering from many angles.
Castle- especially castle and mute, castle's special windows+ mute charges make entry from the outside impossible in many locations, and CED's walls can funnel enemies to your team's maximum potential
Kapkan-*WARNING* misplaced electro-barbies will destroy kapkan's booby traps. Although... Un-electrified barbies can efficiently disguise Kapkan's boobytraps, using two, one in the door, and one where the trap shows on the outside. making them very hard to see, and in the heat of battle, will more often result in a kill than if they were separate.
Smoke- bruh. smokey and the bandit? amirite? guys? guys seriously? please laugh...


Now onto one of my favorite operators

First look: Smoke is not anti-drone, firepower, or team support, and his anti-entry capabilities only last a few seconds each, but Smoke is the biggest anti-shield defender in the game, and thus makes up for his lack of passive defense abilities.

59A1 shotgun -OR- FMG-9 sub machine gun

226 MK 25 handgun -OR- MAC11 machine pistol

1xnitro cell -OR- 2xbarbed wire

3x compound Z8 gas grenades

Smoke's loadout is by far the most effective against shields of all the defenders, his Z8 gas grenades release a large cloud of toxic smoke that will harm, down, and eventually kill enemies AND teammates depending on how long they stay inside of it, although you yourself are immune. when activated, the grenade explodes in a cloud about 10-15 feet in diameter, and lasts for about 5 seconds, and DOES go through walls for some reason. say there's an enemy on one side of the wall, and an ally on the other. if you throw the gas grenade on either side it will still kill both players. you then get the usual defender choice of a sub machine gun, or shotgun. smoke is also one of very few operators who has the option for a machine pistol as his secondary. you can either go full anti-shield and take the nitro cell, or help locate the enemy/slow choke points with barbed wire.

the FMG-9 is my all time favorite sub machine gun. I find that it's recoil (with attachments) is the easiest to tame and has a very high rate of fire, this being said, the 59A1 is also my favorite shotgun in the game (although a big reason for that is simply the wood finish skin). but again it all depends on your map and defense position. HOUSE is a map where i usually take shotgun, but i'll take machine gun if it's garage unless I'm planing on lurking. upstairs.

if i take the sub machine gun i'll take the MK25, but for the shotgun i take the MAC11, sometimes i just need to put led downrange. keep in mind, that the MAC11 is pretty much a one stop shop, with a very low damage and a very small magazine (relative to its massive rate of fire) if you miss it can be difficult to get back on track. if i need some longer range capabilities, i'll take the handgun, if i expect a blood bath i'll take the machine pistol.

Smoke requires virtually no preparation time. So right off the bat, if you have trapdoors above you that need reinforcing i suggest going there first. after that you can hide a gas grenade or explosive you want, or you can save them to use as actives, but don't plant them in the same spot because the bomb beeps and your gas grenades don't and if they hear it they'll kill both. if you plant them nearby, and your explosive somewhat out in the open, you can set your gas off when they take out your nitro, hopefully deal some damage. other than that you pretty much sit there and look manly.

Smoke makes an excellent lurker. hide your smokes by the defense line, wait around for the breach and set them off, while they're distracted pop out from hiding and shoot them down. the smoke will most likely disrupt your vision, going prone is a quick fix if your gas grenades went off high up. if i'm not lurking i usually use my grenades actively instead of passively, when i hear a shield i'll toss out a gas, and if it hits i'll throw out an explosive at the far end of the gas and Kobe them. a lot like CS GO, your gas can delay the fighting, only for a few seconds, but it's enough to move if you're in a bad position and will give your teammates time to do the same.


remember your gas goes through walls, you can use this to your advantage by placing it on a wall and being able to hit enemies on the other side if there is no opening
REMEMBER YOUR GAS GOES THROUGH WALLS! so if you plant a grenade ahead of time make sure it's not in a place that will hurt a teammate when you set it off.
the gas is a good distraction for enemies, who will usually turn to sprint out of the smoke, use this distraction to change position, shoot them, or Kobe them
if you place the gas too high, they'll be able to escape it by going prone
your gas grenades don't beep, but they have a red light and can be bulky, so if you're going to hide them, do it well.
your gas doesn't hurt electronics(duh), so feel free to set them off by allied electronics.
gassing yourself does not keep the red name from popping up above your head, but it can still camouflage you if they don't look directly at you.


Smoke is effective against:

All Shielders- It's safe to say that smoke was made literally JUST to counter shields.

Operators effective against Smoke:

Twitch/thatcher/IQ- anti-trap operators can detect/destroy your gas grenades that were set before the action started.
glaz-unless he's moving through a tight pathway, he'll probably be at long range, at a safe distance from smoke's gas.

operators that work well with smoke:

Doc- if Smoke gasses a friendly enough to down him, doc can ress him safely outside the smoke
Pulse- with good communication, smoke can have gas prepared to throw before an enemy breaches a door.


Next, is an operator who is much less effective against experienced players, and more against newer players.

First look: Kapkan is a booby-trapping, anti-entry defender, with a sub-specialty of firepower.

9x19VSN sub machine gun -OR- SASG-12 shotgun

PMM handgun -OR- GSH-18 handgun

2X barbed wire -OR- 1x nitro cell

2x EDD Entry Denial Device

Kapkan is one of few operators who gets a Semi-automatic shotgun. the SASG-12, otherwise known as the Saiga-12 (pronounced like sega), and the saiga is the only shotgun in the game that has a silencer attachment. For lurking, this is absolutely amazing in certain areas of certain maps. the 9x19 has really low recoil for a sub-machine gun, and even though it has the second slowest rate of fire, it has the second highest DPS. He has a choice between handguns, the 58 damage per shot 8 round magazine PMM, or the 42 damage per shot GSH, 18 round magazine. choose whichever one you want. personally I choose the stronger ones. the less rounds it takes to kill them, the slower and more accurate you can fire, but you are worse off if you miss. I love nitro cells, it makes me all tingly inside when i blow the balls off of a shielder and his buddies. But barbed wire is definitely a strong part of a defense. most people see barbed wire as only a slow, but in reality, it can best serve as an alarm system. It will rustle when they walk through it, it makes a PSH sound when struck. not only all of that, but it can completely disguise the screw from you your EDDs (entry denial devices). Lastly, you have your EDDs. They screw into the bottom of a doorway or the middle of a window. They each have a laser that trips an explosive. most of the time, the laser and screw are visible. but you can't see all of them, especially with barbed wire in and in front of the doorway. Like I said in the beginning. experienced and good players will know all of this and rarely fall for a kapkan mine, if you're playing ranked in high elo, he can hardly worth picking. However it is absolutely hilarious when you hear an explosion and see names at the top right of your screen.

The 9x19 is a very comfortable weapon. high damage per shot[42], and is tied for second in DPS [425] in sub machine guns with low recoil. I use that with the compensator, grip, and a holographic sight if I plan on staying in the defenses. If i plan on Lurking, I take the saiga with a grip and silencer. I don't take the laser on the saiga because you can see the laser. If they see the laser it will give away your position. The Saiga is so quiet with the silencer it's ridiculous. and the 9x19 is so accurate for an SMG it's also ridiculous. both are great choices depending on where your defense point is.

Barbed wire is great for Kapkan, since if you place it slightly on the outside of a door frame, it will sort of bungie out and cover slightly over the edges of the doorframe, where the screw to your EDD is. Not only that, but you can set it right outside of the door, and then know when they knock it out. Although, If lurking, or if there are other people on my team with barbed wire, nitro is the better option. I pick nitro most of the time. The reason it's a better choice for lurking, is that going up against a shielder alone can be dangerous, if you have a nitro cell you can Kobe them no problem.

If you run straight out past the drones they'll be like "oh there's kapkan off to plant a bomb on the front door." If there are trapdoors to reinforce, call dibs and go there first. By the time you finish that, the drones should be all trying to get into your inner defenses, allowing you to sneakily set your traps as you go back to the line of defense, or just wherever as you wander off to lurk around upstairs like the creep you are. You should generally try to bar doors that you plant your EDDs on, but if only one door in an area is barred off, they're going to suspect something. Some of the best places to plant your EDDs is on the outer shell of the building. Where people walk in without expecting trouble. Once they get closer to the objective, they put their guard up. So if you evade the drones, and place your EDDs on outside doors, you have a greater chance of killing an enemy with them.

I don't know if I've said it before, getting one kill before dying, aka (going 1 for 1) is not always worth it. In Kapkan's case, if your traps are between the enemy and the objective, going 1 for 1 is worth it. If you can get one kill before dying, You will have done your part, not only will your traps slow them and reveal the position when they disable it, but they run the risk of running into it. Lurking is easy, you just hide in a corner where you can't be snuck up on or seen, wait on the camera to see someone walk by, then shoot their faces off. pretty basic stuff, you don't need to lurk, but I consider Kapkan to be one of the best lurkers because of the Saiga's ability to have a silencer.


Place Barbed Wire in front of or inside of doorways that your EDDs are on, that are within your line of defense, doing it on external and doors far away from the objective will just attract attention
Placing EDDs where the enemy least expects them is the best way to get a kill with them.
You can use your EDDs for alarm devices if you are lurking, even with a silenced weapon you can hear them, and while they're distracted you can shoot them.


Kapkan is effective against:

All Shielders- With their significantly smaller field of vision, shielders are at greater risk of not seeing kapkan mines.
Sledge-Sledge's can tend to be in a hurry, and can rush through a doorway without looking easier than if you took the time to plant a breach charge.

Operators effective against Kapkan:

Thatcher/Twitch/IQ-can all detect/destroy your traps easily from a safe place.
Fuze-After setting off his cluster grenade charges, there's a very possible chance that a grenade can land close enough to the door to destroy the electronic.

Kapkan works well with:

Bandit-Bandit's barbed wire can enable Kapkan to make an easier decision to choose Nitro instead of barbed wire.
Jaeger-The ability to negate a misplaced EMP grenade can help an EDD live longer.
castle-super barricades are impossible for most guns to shoot through, and by the time they're blown down, the Kapkan mine can be forgotten


Next on the list is the operator with the most accurate primary for defenders

I will spell Jäger as "jaeger" because the german a with an umlaut, aka "ä" is basically a combination of the letters A and E, and without the option for that letter on my keyboard, it would be irritating to paste it every time i want to say "Jäger"

Loadout summary: Jaeger is a team support operator, with a sub-specialty of firepower. capable of destroying enemy projectiles, and providing accurate, long range fire.


M870 Shotgun -OR- 416-C Carbine

P12 Handgun

1x Deployable Shield -OR- 2x Barbed Wire

3xActive Defense System (ADS-MKIV "Magpie")

Jaeger has with out a doubt the most accurate weapon of all the defenders. the 416 has the second highest damage out of all defender primaries. and i say defender primaries, because the 416 is an assault rifle, more specifically a carbine, not a sub machine gun, which explains why it is far more accurate. From now on, everything i compare it to will be sub machine guns. Damage per shot of the 416 being [45] is the second highest of the defenders, and has the highest DPS [490] and the second lowest fire rate. Jaeger can choose that or your average pump shotgun. But If you're just going to use a shotgun, you can play any defender. Jaeger gets the choice between a deployable shield, and barbed wire. Finally, Jaeger was smart enough to figure out how to disintigrate matter into nothingness. because if you notice, when his ADSs zaps enemy frags, stuns, smokes, and EMP grenades, they just disappear. no shell, no nothing just poof.

In my opinion, probably the biggest reason to choose Jaeger is the 416. Jaeger has more damage than most defenders, and is more accurate then all of them.yeah sure you can stop some projectiles, but you get an asssault rifle. if you want a shotgun you can choose literally any other defender, and have a kit that compliments a shotgun better than jaeger's would.

Like i said many times, barbed wire is a great alarm system, if you're lurking you can use it to get a free kill by positioning yourself behind where they would be destroying your barbed wire at. and going 1 for 1 with jaeger is definitely worth it. On the other hand, if you're not lurking, a deployable shield can give you cover where none exists. allowing you to hold up in rooms you otherwise wouldn't, and allow one more person to stay in a room with previously not enough cover. even if you're lurking, you can use the shield yourself, to set up a dummy hideout (put in a doorway to make the enemy think there's someone in that room, wasting their time and resources to check out that room) or for use for your teammates. either way, it's basically your preference of play style. I, however, always take the barbed wire.

Immediately place down your ADS charges. you have 3, so make sure to spread them around. once you've done that drop your heavy barricades, and then your shield/barbed wire. if you're lurking, then wait until the drones have been disabled or are in your inner defenses; then leave and go camp somewhere. Not a whole lot to this one, i'll cover in depth ADS placement in the TIPS section.

I'm writing this assuming you're taking the assault rifle. SO your advantage is having the same long range capabilities as the attackers with their assault rifles. If possible, take the furthest away defensive position. ie, if they blow a hole in HOUSE: garage, go hang out in the workshop and shoot them from back far, so your teammates with low range can take them from up close. Or for lurking, watch the cameras, set up your barbies, and wait for bad guys to show up, come out from hiding and shoot them when they're not looking. if there are more than one, kill the highest priority enemy first. Shielders>thermite>thatcher/fuze>everyone else. this order because shielders are harder to 1v1, and it's best to take them out first, then thermite because his TH3 charges can disrupt your team's defense plans, then thatcher/fuze because their actives can tear down your electronics and teammates, then everyone else because their actives are not as directly threatful against your defenses.


spread them out to cover the main entry points
make sure your charges aren't exposed to the entry point they're defending against
you can double up on certain entry points if you expect the enemy to come from there
windows that are reinforced with metal are indented into the wall, you can place a charge in there, giving it cover from fire, but still defensive capabilities
your placements don't have to be precise, they cover a very big surface area
you can climb on beds and boxes to put your charges up high, a more unexpected place than the ground or at eye level


Jaeger is effective against:

Thatcher- His EMP grenades and stun grenades can be destroyed by your ADS charges if misplaced
Fuze-two ADS charges can negate one Cluster grenade, although it does use up your charges quick

Operators effective against Jaeger:

Thatcher-some of your traps will be in range of his EMP grenades
Fuze-can use his cluster bombs for the sole purpose of destroying your ADS charges
Twitch/IQ-can detect/destroy your ADS charges from a safe place
Ashe- her rifle grenades aren't destroyed by your ADS charges

Jaeger works well with:

Tachanka-projectiles in general can be used to counter tachanka. grenades can be lobbed to kill him before he can leave his turret; and stun grenades can be tossed in front of him, unavoidable, he will be blinded and forced to spray and pray or leave. well placed ADS charges can save him from certain doom.

congratulations, you're on your way to becoming a Jägermeister:cool:


12-05-2015, 12:36 AM
reserving more room for expansion, i don't know if there's any length restrictions on these comments

12-24-2015, 03:55 PM
reserving more room for expansion, this is getting really really long. (phrasing)

12-28-2015, 10:20 AM
Im amazed. I really have nothing else to say. Keep up the good work !

12-29-2015, 04:34 PM
thanks! i really do enjoy making guides, and with free time at work i don't have to spend any of my free time doing it lol

12-30-2015, 08:21 AM
thanks! i really do enjoy making guides, and with free time at work i don't have to spend any of my free time doing it lol

Hah sounds good :D If you have the time please do check out my Youtube channel from my signature. I have made my first video guide for Blitz. You being so good making written guides in my opinion maybe give me a hint how to improve my video tutorials. Thanks in advance if you got the time to check it out !:o

01-06-2016, 11:09 AM
yeah dude the video is kickass, nothing i would or could really add on to it. I learned a lot about how to better use blitz, and i definitely will put your video into the guide when i decide to add blitz.

01-20-2016, 11:51 AM
is there any other place i can put these guides? i also may make a video series soon so people can watch instead of read. Does anybody have any video editing software to recommend? if not i'll just use windows moviemaker.

01-20-2016, 01:25 PM
You should try Reddit and also Google+ communities. And it never hurts to make yourself Twitter account where you can advertise your channel :)

01-21-2016, 06:23 PM
You need to fix some grammar and format errors before this would be taken seriously, you need to link resources and you need to be more clear and concise, I am not going to go through and proofread it for you or bother reading it for that matter, most of it is hard to read and understand.

01-22-2016, 06:16 PM
I'm sorry you don't understand it, but since you're to only one out of 2.8k views to say anything it would seem to be operator error.

01-22-2016, 07:04 PM
Wow, you have put in some work Spuukie. I look forward to reading through it all. Thank you.

04-21-2016, 09:39 AM
thanks dude, i'm still adding on, i'm pretty busy these days.

02-16-2017, 07:21 PM
hey guys, if you like this guide, be sure to catch me playing rainbow six and for honor, generally in the afternoons!