View Full Version : Bug - wall/door clipping issue

11-29-2015, 07:29 PM
A consistent issue with this game, has been that it's not uncommon to be able to spot enemy through walls/doors/windows due to clipping issues.
It's always helpful to see the enemies foot sticking through a wall, but it's unfair to both sides. This happens some with undamaged surfaces, but gets much worse once a portion of the surface has been damaged, sometimes resulting in much of the body clipping through the undamaged portions of the surface.

For example, a boarded door gets shot or has a portion punched out. Enemy is on the other side, so I'd expect to see their foot under the boards, or their body through the holes in the surface, yet at times I've seen the entire side of the crouched enemy creeping through the undamaged door.

This is occurring less than it has in the previous alphas/betas I think, so hopefully it gets tweaked further prior to 12/1.