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11-29-2015, 02:48 PM
Encountered two major bugs:

1) When you have a stuck loading screen in or before the match, its mostly because of a host problem. My mates and me queued several times this weekend and mostly without any problems besides the common bugs (squad creating etc.) , but one bug we found a fix for was that when you have a stuck loading screen (with the r6 logo in the bottom left) and the next round won't load, it's because of a "bad host". We are pretty sure that the host was me in the most cases, because of best NAT Type, best ping and best down/up stream AND best hardware. When I ALT+F4 the Game, the next round stared pretty much every time.

2) Sometimes on the Military Training Base Map (forgot the name - the one with the armory, locker room, etc. in basement) you sometimes can view enemy legs through the stairs from the basement to the ground level floor when they prone + kill them (encountered once with blitz as enemy)