View Full Version : Shields are not OP. It's YOUR fault

11-29-2015, 02:36 PM
First thing i have to say is:
Try to understand my english, because i'm italian and my english is poor.

My god guys just MOVE. Seiously you have so many problems with shielders? I can't understand, really.
I'm NOT a shield user. I just used two times Blitz and only because that was the last Operator. MOVE or shot to the damn head. You can even 1v2 against shielders. Just "strafe", wait for the recharge, shot to the head when they try to shoot you WITH A PISTOL.

I've NEVER saw a shielder be MVP.
A solo shield is totally useless. He's very strong in a team and if you die because of him it's only YOUR fault.

Stop blame the shield a use the brain.