View Full Version : Anti Cheat Tool and Reporting

11-29-2015, 01:51 PM
In my opinion there is a lack on information about any plans of Anti-Cheat behaviour...
In CSGO there is at least a reporting tools which cause a huge amount of work for investigations. Thats the reason why Overwatch was implemented.

There are Cheats out there and they will be available after launch also: This video proofs the situation

Battlefield has the punkbuster but what got rainbow six? if you want to have a competitive styled tacticle game you cant allow cheaters to step a foot on this playground.
Do Ubisoft have any plans? I looked over the forum and have seen several closed threads with users blaming cheaters and the moderators just told them not to blame them on public... But thats not the way to deal with it... Cheaters have to be ashamed and get blamed!

VAC is an open plattform and everybody can check out if someone have got a VAC ban in the past without any problems... The anti cheat tools have to be implemented till or after the launch and should have considered in beta also... Ubisoft and developers: CHEATERS ARE YOU FAULT! if you dont deal with the situation and let people stuck in ranked matches without any chance to report, ban, kick or prevent playing with these cheaters.

@ Ubisoft: What are you doing with this information?
@ Users: What are your experiences?