View Full Version : Present beta 'Bomb defuse' has not helped promote game.

11-29-2015, 12:11 PM
Platform Xbox 1.

No. I am not enjoying it all.

It is a way without means to win.

Not wasting anymore of my time on it.

Have too decided I am now 'not day of release' purchase.


Seeing way too much negative feedback on social media reference: server issues, glitches, lag, gaming issues, and on the PC side of things 'fecal head hackers absolutely decimating the game' and it is only time before the scum that cannot game without cheats get similar hacks onto the PS & Xbox platforms.

Both those I game with and myself; we have seen all.

Getting stuck using rappel when going up and down sides of buildings. Same when you reach the top of a building or try to come back down. Using rappel character jumping off buildings or out of windows when going over railings or when attempting to go in or out windows did it for me.

Constantly getting kicked off servers was the last straw..

I am not struggling trying to play a Beta game that is clearly broken & that tells me the final release will be too just like publishers EA and developers DICE Battlefield 4 was.

I am most certainly not making the same very expensive mistake I made with Battlefield 4 in 'believing the hollow words of the developers & publisher' that 'We will fix the game quickly' that before EA & DICE did fix the game (if they ever did), I traded the game in.