View Full Version : Few Ideas and Issues

11-29-2015, 07:40 AM
-Rejoin option/timer for people who lose connection from ranked.

So I've had a few team mates lose connection at the begining of a ranked match and 95% of the time they have no option to re-join. I suggest adding an option that gives them about 5 minutes to re-join before getting the penalty kind of like in counterstrike, That system works rather well.

-Removing "YOU HAVE BEEN SPOTTED" in ranked matches.

I can understand it in casual for newer players but in ranked it's kind of holding your hand and saying "hey, you forgot a camera/drone". They should know to look our for them if they're playing in a ranked match.


There have been plenty of posts about this already so I won't go into detail. I just know that it messes with hit detection and bullet hits get lost from time to time.

-Animation clipping

Animations/guns clip through walls and stairs from time to time and it allows people to either shoot you down or shoot through said wall.

That's all I really have so far, this game is great but these fixs will make it even better either on or after release.