View Full Version : Separated rank modes for solo queuers & full team queuers?

11-29-2015, 01:51 AM
I apologise in advance, if this is an reoccuring topic on these forums, I didn't manage to find one so I decided to create this thread. Now to my problem:

I was enjoying the beta quite a lot until I started encountering organized 5man premade "clan" teams in ranked play.

Needless to say whatever team I was in got their asses handed to them "0 - 4" because this game requires an organized group of people to execute their roles perfectly in order to gain an advantage over the other team. Games often ended with members of the clan team injustly (premade vs my random international cross-continental pickup group) mocking us with questions such as "Are you even trying lol?" etc.

For the first few matches It was fun to try and organise our group in order to put up a fight, but it was impossible because most of the time due to international matchmaking it always ended up something like: one dude speaking only russian, the other mumbling something in what sounded like spanish/portuegese and the 4th team member lacking a microphone to begin with. So usually we had ~2-3 people who could communicate with & understand eachother trying to put up a resistance, which was doomed from the beginning. And it gets old real fast.

I'm still a competetive player and prefer Ranked mode, because people take it seriously, play cautiously and don't quit the game in middle of the match, I just don't have the time to commit to a dedicated community team these days. I've played in CS clans and I know that it does take up a noticable portion of your time if the clan takes it seriously.

So my question is, will there be separate ranked modes for teams & solo quers? I'm pretty sure there's a big community of people like me out there, who find this issue irritating. Other games have done this quite well (Heroes of the Storm has two different ranked modes just because of this reason and people are happy with it etc. Even CS:GO appears to block out 4-5man premades when solo queing.)

PS! Please drastically increase the the number of letters allowed in in-game chat messages. It's irritating to explain things to others one simple sentence at a time.

PPS! If you really want this game to become an successful esport, then you should halve the price (no single player campaign anyway). While the game can be considered very interesting,entertaining & fun. You can't expect millions of people to pick it up and start zealously following it for years to come at the current price. Even if you sink tremendous amounts of cash into promoting it as an esport I'm very skeptical about it picking up on a scale comparable to CS:GO etc.. But I know that this suggestion falls unto deaf ears because Ubi$oft.

Thanks for hearing me out.