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11-29-2015, 12:23 AM
because shields are meant for run and gun games, in games like this where tactics overrule individual skill, the more you can iff it the more of an advantage you got. in cod you run and sprint, in this game you shuffle and sprint, so even if you know how to flank someone, if they have even remotely decent dpi on their mouse, or high controller sensitivity, you're done, because your slow speed, even sprinting is not even close the a match for their turn speed. so often times there's no choice but to just try and run around, to no avail, because as we all know, it's impossible to shoot their arm. cs go is the epitome of run and gun, and they realize that shields kill competitive play.

"but bombs" well gee guy, when ubisoft allows them to have giant damage high caliber revolvers, and magazine fed high 20 round capacity magazines, they're either putting out massive amounts of damage, killing you in 1 or 2 shots, or they can put 20 rounds of lead downrange too quickly for you to pull out a block, unwrap it for some reason, and then throw it and kill both of you, unless you're god and can land it right to where you're in range and he's not. OR HE CAN FLASH YOU FOR AN 8 SECOND BLIND!

and if they're in a doorway, kneeled down, forget it, there's no flanking that, and if they have a laser attachment, you can forget about keeping your head in 1 piece.

tl:dr, shields are overpowered, and take literally no skill to play, but take a high amount of know-how, mechanical skill, and luck to beat. that, my friends, is what we call (and say it with me) OVERPOWERED! i don't want to hear "you just need to know how to beat it" or "kill it with bombs" in every almost every single situation, against a regular enemy you can shoot them in the face, and chances are if you die they were better than you. with shields, you can be the ****tiest player in the world, and still get kills...

my recommended nerf, (if you don't take the smart path and just ****in delete them), is make them beatable under normal circumstances.
---- take damage through the shield, not full damage, but i'd say like 20%, if i empty a full mag into them at face level they should be dead.
-----AND make the arm shootable (if they get shot in the arm dip their shield to the left, or make it so they can't fire for a second, same thing when they get shot in the foot, make them stagger, unable to move and lower their shield for a sec)
-----AND no attachments. if they can not get shot while firing at me, they shouldn't be able to have near pinpoint accuracy with that laser.
----- and no 20 round magazines and a lower caliber revolver, not only is being able to put down 20 rounds at a target overpowered, but so is being able to kill someone in 2 shots when they can't even hit you at all.
------AND nerf the **** out of blitz's blind. 8 seconds is absolutely ****ing ridiculous for something he can do multiple times, directly aim, and be invulnerable to your (literal) blind fire while he laughs and shoots you in the face. i'd say 1-3 seconds is balanced for blitz's character

11-29-2015, 12:42 AM
So... I killed a shield user just last night, solo, without bombs. Kids bedroom on House. Heard him busting the window (I was castle with SMG) and I quickly went prone on the opposite side of the bed. He came in, shuffled around, and then the shuffling stopped. Waited a few seconds, popped back up to crouch to see him staring intensely at the door, probably waiting for reinforcements. I proceeded to put 5 bullets in his skull.

In short, a little tactical knowhow, patience, and creativity can easily beat them.

Also killed a different one, solo, last night. Had the nitro cell on the ceiling. He came through, all hardcore with his big shield. Then I made a cellphone call and he became paste.

In shorter, preparation can easily win the day.

As for blitz, his blind is limited based on proximity to the flash. 3m+, you're unaffected, and the further you are, the weaker the blind. I've successfully survived blitz after his flash AND killed him, because I'm not stupid enough to fire wantonly at a ballistic shield. As soon as you hear the "clunk clunk clunk" of him walking, get some distance, and some cover. Flank as needed, maybe booby trap something, or hide and ambush the ambusher. This is not CoD. This is not BF. This is not Halo. This is Tom Clancy's Mufuggin Rainbow Six Siege! Tactical superiority will win mostly anything.

To put that in perspective, my win/loss on characters I play regularly (Blitz, Thatcher, Ash, Mute, Bandit, Castle, Tuchanka) currently sits at approximately 1.8-2.4 depending on the character. Notice only one shield, and my KD is only 0.5 with him, but win/loss was 2.3 as of 7am this morning. I don't get a lot of kills, but I DO get a lot of victories, because I use blitz to support my team, using breaches and flash. It's really not that difficult.

My friend legit has a video on his feed of him running up to a shield user, think it was Monty, and strafing him to knife. Was like 3 seconds long, honestly. Super easy kill. Now quit telling them to nerf the characters that have ALREADY been nerfed to the point of almost never being used.

11-29-2015, 03:16 AM
Shields are way more balanced now than they were in previous beta/technical. I personally think they're at the right spot. They are still effective when working with a team, but much easier to deal with 1v1 and not so strong. Used to be every match had 1 shield user, usually 2. Might be that way again when Fuze is back in, but for now it seems quite balanced to me.

11-29-2015, 06:25 AM
shields are fine now in this iteration of the game