View Full Version : My thoughts on the game

11-28-2015, 11:36 PM
Rainbow 6 is pretty good ;D, however just a couple things I think should be fixed.

1. Riot shields: A. The visors that allows players to see out of, we should be able to shoot through that. I feel riot shields are to OP, being able to just walk in and shoot. B. Or you can remove the ability to shoot with a riot shield out and only melee with riot shield. Choose one of those two options, I like option A. the best, but either works.

2. Defenders should be able to grapple around like attackers, but still at the cost of that they will be seen after 5 seconds. This will allow defenders an escape if cornered, or more mobility if they are confident they are winning.

3. I feel like there should be a way to conceal our little roller drones a bit better. The defenders always have cameras in strategic places, but most of the attacks drones get lit up. Not saying they should be invisible or invincible, just maby some way to protect them a bit better?