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11-28-2015, 10:37 PM
After spending multiple hours in the game unlocking all operators and playing all maps and gamemodes i would want to make a list of what would make the game a lot better in my opinion.

1: Hit detection. So I have heard that the rainbow six servers have a tickrate of 15. I have had a huge amount of moments when something stupid happens, for example shooting some rounds at an enemy and see blood splatter but when the kill cam shows up it tells me there was no damage dealt.
Remember how crappy Battlefield 4 was when it first launched with 10 tick servers? Yeah it was horrible and it still isn't perfect with most servers having 30 tick rate.
I would hope that the servers would get upgraded to at least 30 tick or to the preferred 60 tick. That would give competitive players a kick towards R6S!

2: Night. So what i have understood every map has it's night and day version. It really comes to show how good the lighting in the game is. But it really doesn't do much more then that. There doesn't seem to be any elements regarding gameplay change when switching up between day and night.
The devs really should consider making a better night combat experience. I don't see anything else then time itself holding it back. If you would just make the maps just somewhat darker it would make for an interesting change and if shooting lights or shutting them down somehow would be possible the night and day versions would be like two different maps. Add in NV goggles or/and flashlights to make the experience to it's max.

3: Operator balancing. Every operator has its strengths, but some of them are clearly somewhat better then others. Pulse for example isn't very useful for the team or the user itself and the operators not in the beta sound a lot more powerful then the other classes.
Being able to use a drone to zap things makes IQ useless, the gadget that shoots 3 grenades into a room feels like a very powerful addition especially if the enemy is in a building and so on. Sure most of them are on the same level but even a few alternations can ruin the game in a long run.

4: Modding. Now this is mostly a PC related thing (mostly) and may not effect the consoles so much, but modding support would lengthen the life span of R6S so much that you wouldn't believe! There are still people modding the older Rainbow six games and the best example of modding being a good thing are Bethesda's games, Skyrim is still a pretty popular game cause of it's mods. Even a map editor tool would be enough. I can't say this enough but there is no downside to modding just maps. Since the DLC maps are free anyways a little map modding wouldn't hurt. It would also bring in more players.

5: Matchmaking. Now this is an obvious one but please try to improve the matchmaking, it's sometimes very slow. It could be worse but there are still things to improve!

6: Mouse acceleration. This is also a PC thing but it is really annoying not being able to turn the mouse acceleration off. It can be on for default but please at least give us an option not to use it! It makes aiming on PC feel wrong.

Thank you for reading this! I'm really having my hopes high for this game (The problem being time, can you really fix so many issues in such short time?). I'm going to edit things later if anything comes up.

11-28-2015, 11:31 PM
Eh. Unfortunally in EVERY game there's a Tier List. It's true, Fuze (the 3 grenades one) is strong, but the strenght of the grandes is reduced. Want to talk about Ash? Grenade launcher that destroys everything, but they have 2 seconds of countdown. (Sorry for the english).

Pulse is VERY good with friends and communication. The bad thing of pulse is not pulse himself but his armor.
He's Light armored and i think needs a Medium armor.