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11-28-2015, 05:24 PM
Rainbow Six Siege Discussion and Feedback


• Remove warning about needing to stay in the area of operations when boarding up windows and doors. This is bloody god-damned annoying especially as Castle since he usually needs to rip down old boards to put up new plates.
• Ranked needs an entry level and a separate queue for pre-made squads greater than or equal to 3 members. The possibility of PUGs fighting Pre-Mades is far too unbalanced. https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/3ub599/ranked_issues/
• Limit ballistic shields used in a round of Attack/Def to 1 for each team. 2 or more shields is just anti-fun. Yes, they have their weaknesses but in a slow paced game that is based on Att and Def, having anymore than one shield just breaks the whole dynamic.

Single Player

• Bots need to be completely re-balanced. The “realistic” bots are an absolute laughing stock because they’re literally just bots with sliders turned on to max.
• Spawn rate for defusing bots (Bots that spawn during defuse) is too damned high after radial bots respond. It’s literally just an uncoordinated rush of bots. Bots aren't currently difficult because they "challenge a players capability to respond and react properly" or "force a player to think on their feet". They're difficult because of the sheer numbers that pour into the building after the initial response of the other enemies in the building at the time. It's currently like a faucet of enemies.


• Connectivity, connectivity, connectivity. For a game that’s releasing in 3 days, it’s in pretty ****ty condition. And this is just a Beta Testing crowd.
• Allow fully boarded windows to be fully kicked in with fast entry (Risk vs Reward) in light of its requirement of being hit at least once. A note on this: I've been able to do it ONCE to a full boarded window and 3 times to a once-hit boarded window. It's incredibly inconsistent. If someone wants to make the decision of breaking down a fully boarded window with no vision, let them do it.
• Pre-boarded windows need to change every round. Come on. Force the initiative.
• Camera positions need to change every round. (Force their usefulness) Having players just turn left or right out of spawn and reflex kill a camera is killing off a pertinent part of the experience. Move them around. I've seen plenty of people not bother attacking cameras because there's just no point. They're in the same areas all the time. The enemy knows you're coming in at some point: Period. Move them around.
• Allow grenades to be tossed under doorways. (Hold [GRENADE BUTTON] near a boarded door; you obviously wouldn’t stand RIGHT next to a door if you intended to throw it through a broken board). Just thought this would be a cool idea.
• Smoke grenades need a more explosive and expansive discharge. They don't last very long and this game is fast paced. Have them expand quicker.
• Make cameras less obvious; remove red glow. Don't make it too damn easy. Read the previous statement on cameras.
• Remove smoke trails (Would say tracers but they’re all white… so smoke trails) for bullets. Seriously, wtf?
• Automatic weapons need a rattling sound when their magazine is low. Come on, folks. Get the weaponized realism in tune. Everyone is doing this now.
• Remove kill feed. Period.
• Allow wire to be destroyed in 2-hits instead of 3.
• Ballistic shield windows need to be capable of being shot out with 10-15 rounds. This is primarily to add another point of weakness to an already overpowered class.
• Remove red names from enemy players. Have the only player icons be small dots on your allies. Not white lines.
• Add additional icons for markers such as a turrets, deployable shields, or nitro cells.
• Along with the previous bullet point, add LKP(Last Known Position) shading (grey) for markers that have lasted for longer than 5 seconds without visual contact.
• Add a Command Rose for Z-Key marking. Make available options such as “Setting Up”, “Breaching in 3, 5, 10 seconds", or "Come Here".
• Remove Kill Cam.

Hardcore Mode Ideas

• Kill confirmed by shooting a completely downed (dead) enemy in the head. (Sweeper Team Style).
• Remove every piece of HUD possible. This include the on-screen splash of (# vs. #). Limit it to pre-recorded radio chat only. (Kill confirmed, etc.)

Overall Open Beta Consensus

• Not ready to be shipped in a week considering the persistence of the server issues. This issue is pretty abysmal. That much needs to be said.
• $60 price tag not even close to being viably warranted given that the two main competitors being CS:GO(Competitive Edge) and Insurgency(Mechanic Edge) are $15 each and have significantly more depth.
• Needs to be delayed badly. The game just flat-out isn't ready.

Final Thoughts:
Here's the thing, Ubi. This game as a whole feels alright. I'm in love with it because of it's concept. The only FPS that I play anymore is Insurgency because it isn't filled with BS. This is the next closest game to it. That being said, it's not as close as you might think. The game feels like the corners have been cut and it's really disappointing. This $60 price tag is a complete deterrent as well. No way in hell am I paying for that. I'd buy this game at a generous $30 even though it's really a $25 game. Even with a $30 price tag, I'm far from a guaranteed buy and pre-order isn't even in my vocabulary at this point.

Sorry, but that "Ubi" tag and the Rainbow 6 IP doesn't warrant the $60. There are too many things that need to be done to this game for it to be a complete base game. It makes me sad that you're already advertising a Season Pass right now. This isn't very promising and frankly, the name Ubi has been tied to too many mistakes this year to be asking for $90. I understand ya'll need to make some money back, but you don't do it like this. You need to prove that you can make a good game again and price it appropriately. Don't make us literally pay for your mistakes.

11-30-2015, 11:38 AM

• The microphone issues are still persistent. Hot-Miccing in lobbies and in-game even when the option for P2T was selected and EVERYONE'S mic being defaulted to a freaking spider-fart.
• Balance is still non-existent.
• Server Issues are still rampant with lag inconsistencies and hit-regging.
• Colorblind mode especially for Glaz's rifle scope.


• Allow lights to actually be blown/shot out. The light-shafts they emit are nonsensical and extremely frustrating as a defender hiding behind cover and looking down a hallway when a flood light is in front of you.
• Keep the red barriers active for 10 seconds after a round starts so Defenders can't spawn kill. This puts more weight on the importance of cameras and dismantles the "skillful play" of calling out a spawn and then having all the defenders running over to one side and wiping out the Attackers.

Final Pre-Release Thoughts

• I already knew this game was online only and I already knew I wasn't going to buy it, no less for $60 dollars... but I just got kicked out of my Lone Wolf Terrorist Hunt; just pissed in my cornflakes some more.
• The mere fact that you're planning on monetizing this game with skins. Naturally, that wouldn't be an issue but this game is so hashed out, it's unbelievable that skins were even a thought for you.
• $60 dollars?
• Game desperately needs to be delayed.
• How is this game worth $60 again?

11-30-2015, 12:45 PM
+10000, for all... GJ man !!!

11-30-2015, 02:30 PM
I may not be right on everything but someone has to say what needs to be said... Figured I'd do it.