View Full Version : Mic and chat issues

11-28-2015, 01:02 PM
I've noticed that a lot of people don't use heir mic in game, which is fine, especially if they're playing in an environment that doesn't allow them to use one at the time. The thing that is a bit annoying is the fact that when you try to use the chat function (i believe the default button is U) it interferes with the voice chat (if you happen to type something containing the letter "U" it will turn on your mic). It would be useful to make sure that the button bound to the voice chat doesn't turn your mic when you are using it in chat. Plus the count word of the chat messages should be a bit higher. If i try to give intel to my teammates i need to break down something i could have written in 1 sentence into 3 of them, which can be a bit confusing sometimes.... not to mention time consuming.

Thank You