View Full Version : I still play Rainbow 6 Vegas & Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 Had both from their day of release.

11-28-2015, 12:38 PM
If Terrorist Hunt in Rainbow 6 Siege is only going to be playable 'game end only achievable in Multiplayer' then I am not buying it.

I enjoy much more 'Lone Wolf' gaming than I do Multiplayer.

In multiplayer you have server issues to deal with, connectivity, lag, packet loss, bandwidth, etc., dragging you experience down.

There are just simply times when I want to game on my own. Not be 'made' to join in with a group that the chances are there will be 1 gamer with you just 'ranking up off and from you' as it sits back and not playing as a team or squad member or that one ******* that just wants to troll the game because it thinks it is funny to do so.

It is illogical to expect team play cooperation and to get it, when you have, keep hold of those gamers as you and they are a very rare breed indeed.