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11-28-2015, 11:36 AM
First let me say that I am a, very near, 50 year old gamer, and I have playing console/computer games since they were invented. This, I believe is the first Rainbow Six game I have played, and I am playing on PS4. These comments are aimed purely at PVE mode as I haven’t played PVP and it doesn’t interest me as much. I believe the full game will have different PVE modes, so again these comments are aimed towards ‘Bomb Diffuse’ as that’s all that is available in this Beta.

The game has potential but at the moment my purchase will depend on reviews, player feedback and content in the complete game.


I like the overall style of play, weapons and gun mechanics.
The maps are nicely designed with plenty of entry points, hidey holes and are a sensible size.
I love the fact that when downed you can either stay still to prolong your life or try and move closer to a team-mate at the risk of dying sooner.
The different operators gives some variety to how you play the game.


The game is too hard to be fun for me and it can just get frustrating. It needs more balancing. (Does the game scale with the number of players? It seems more balanced towards a full squad)
It should be easier for friends to join my squad, without me having to invite them.
You shouldn't have to leave the game/squad to buy upgrades or make customisations.
The countdown timers for operator selection. (These should only appear in public games, not in solo or private games)
Lack of healing and only one time revive. Maybe the number of revives should be higher on lower skill levels. As for healing maybe there could be an ambulance outside that has limited health per team, again the amount could be based on skill level
Suicide bombers, while I like the concept, they have too much health and move too fast. (I have lost count of the number of times I have had one run around the corner while I was in the middle of reloading :mad:)
It's too easy to fall off roofs when trying to repel down and I also think that falling damage is a little too high.
Lack of controller layouts/customisation, while it doesn't affect me, my son was complaining about it.

Other Comments

The whole bomb diffuse game mode doesn’t make sense to me. Surely you want to blow the buggers up? It would make more sense if you were planting bombs to destroy their headquarters and then had to escape outside and detonate them.
A defend PVE mode would be fun as long as it’s not endless waves. (Time based would be good)
I am not a fan of locked content/unlock systems, as I believe I should have access to all content that I have paid for from day one, but the current system is quite acceptable and doesn’t seem to take too long to unlock new operators and weapons mods.

I think that’s all for now.


11-28-2015, 05:09 PM
I like the idea you wrote under the section Other #1. A game mode where one team has to plant the bomb and successfully escape with the detonator to blow the objective up. While the other team must defend the objective or kill the man with the detonator before he goes outside and blows the objective up. This sounds like a lot of fun and should be look into.