View Full Version : This Game Isn't Ready to Release

11-28-2015, 11:35 AM
As excited I am for this game, as much as I want it to release next Tuesday despite the problems, I don't think this game is ready to release. There are still too many issues in this game beyond the connectivity issues.

- Bodies showing through walls.
- Clunky movements.
- Bugged kill cams.

. . . among many other issues.

I'm no programmer, but from what I've seen from other games, such basic issues that this game has seems elementary. I don't think the game is in a releasable state.

This is all coming from someone who is excited for the game and supports it. I'll be happy when it releases but, in the long run, issues like this will not be healthy. Connectivity issues upon release / open beta are common, thus not a huge concern, but these other issues are inexcusable.