View Full Version : Open Beta Feedback.

11-28-2015, 11:10 AM
Hi, me and my team has some feedback for the game at this stage:

*In ranked mode there should be a re-connect button in case of a player would be disconnected.
*Better feedback on what rank is the better (and so on).
*In ranked mode there should be no "You have been spotted" message for players being spotted. Makes it "risky" and redundant to spot an enemy. They will either run away from the camera or destroy it.
*In ranked mode there should be no killfeed. Forces the players to confirm their kills. This is especially important when downing an enemy.
*The EMP grenade should have a bit further range. It is (according to us) a bit underpowered.
*The machinegun emplacement that one of the spetnaz can deploy should be a BIT higher to make it more efficient in cover.
*Players should be able to set a clan tag to make the game feel a bit more competetive.

Best regards, [IS-TE]. ;)