View Full Version : This game is a huge joke.

11-28-2015, 09:37 AM
Crashes every five minutes, remind me of how my graphics drivers are outdated (970gtx) although they have been updated THREE times in the last 2 days...

Chat is too short, you can barely type a single sentence about how ****ing bad the game is.
Last games released have been ****! I also bought some thing you get 20% discount with from buying ANY game from ubisoft, TWICE! neither of them never arrived! 200 points wasted to the max.

Please fix your ****ing game and the new operator logos look like ****. IQ is ****ing spiderman, really? oh, and castle and mute combination is OVERPOWERED! you can ****ing go and camp dining room, reinforce every wall and mute the wall in the back corner, mute the doors reinforced by castle and oh, look at that! YOU WON THE ****ING ROUND!!!

Headshot damage is just ****ing overpowered especially when you finally have that good camp spot but, uh-oh! there's that noob with recruit who noscope sprays you in the head hitting once and surprise, you're ****ing dead.

I considered buying this in the closed beta, because I thought it was good. it didn't crash all the time, now it crashes every five minutes, wtf? I can't play a single round without first losing all the framerate and then "OH NO! THE **** CRASHED!!!" "wanna send a ****ing crash report?"

****tiest game 2015. **** you ubisoft.