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11-28-2015, 08:06 AM
What they should do.
1) lots of customization like in unity.
2) Blunt weapons should be lethal like they are in all games, but unity.
3)A detailed free roam with lots to do like in all assassin's creed games so far (don't change it lol).
4)A combat system that is challenging, but easy enough for ease of play like in all games, but syndicate. The syndicate system was too easy. In syndicate and some others I dislike the press two buttons and kill an army kind of system. Combat should be challenging and maybe an art of battle type system would be cool! Unlike in for honor npcs would need a lot more health.
5)No skill system as it feels more realistic to have the only increase in power be your character learning or weapons getting better. The skill system ruined combat in syndicate as you would just 1-hit 90% of enemies you fought and 3-hit the last 10%. No skill system at all as once you are an assassin and know things experience should be irrelevant.
6) have outfits be fashion only while gear increases power.

What they should not do:

1) little or no customization and unlockables.
2)Have blunt weapons be somehow non-lethal as you would be crushing there bones and shredding there skin.
3)have a free roam that goes for quantity over quality by making it not detailed, but bigger.
4) have a combat and skill system like syndicate that felt unrealistic and overpowered.
5) a system of becoming even more OP by performing certain attacks like in syndicate where you would do some amount of head shots or executions and do permanently more damage.
6) have outfits increase power so you can not wear your favorite if it is not great.

Please note: in this post I pointed out some issues with syndicate. I loved syndicate and even pre-ordered the game it simply had some issues.

For places where the games should take place I think that anything before the year 1650 would be great! No mote modern!

Feel free to suggest anything else and I will edit accordingly.:)