View Full Version : Somes (essential ?) idea for improve the game

11-28-2015, 02:08 AM

As a player of a lot of "competitive" game, there is somes thing i want to see in R6S, and can be very cool :

- League ranked : Ranked matchmaking is a key to have a "good" multiplayer now, cause players love play a bit seriously, and show them rank, and also, play versus player who have the "same" skill. Having something like league of legend or starcraft is, i think, the best thing you can do. A lot of ranks, for a lot of "league", with a clear progression bar / points, and 3 win match. It's very important people can found people who have the same skill : too high is boring, too low is boring.

- Show the grade near the nickname for all : carebear, but essential

- Karma System : Will not avoid bad comportement, but will help. Look ESEA and take from it.

- Match history and statistiques, more detailled profile : like BF, or quakelive : this is cool.

- 5vs5 match making : and ranking for team (who up also the personal rank), on dedicaced server (important !)

- Team management : with logo, stats, profile, members, lineup....

- The marker add on hud with "W" is a nice idea for a tactical shooter, but the range it's too small.

- Remove camera marker in ranked.

- Tick-rate improvement : essential if you want too see esport.

- Remove crosshair from ranked : cause that sux...

- Do not allow no microphone player to go ranked i don't have prob with this, i play only with 5 mate, but the rarefully game i play alone, it's just a mess cause i'm alone to have a mic

- Some customisation : is nice, but "lore" customisation. Allow to do a patch for team or player, maybe have a color (defined) for team whould be nice, or a camo. We can imagine team logo on shield, weapons and others things.

- Go back to terrorist skin for terrorist : PLEASE !