View Full Version : I want to join a clan

11-27-2015, 10:46 PM
I got dyslecia Sorry for my speling.

Hello Im curently 16 years old 17 in january and I basicly love fps shooting games I have played them sins i was a young boy played counter strike all time befoure I found out abot R6. Im in love whit this game and fell like my talet should not be wasted so I want to join a clan I live in Sweden I speek English, Swedish and some Germany (very bad). In CS:GO Im the rank Global (highest one) and I would love to get into some games whit a clan iven if Im only standin I live in Sounth Sweden I dont have any car so I cant get around so mutch but I can try if we are going to play in a bout camp or something. I take this game very seriusly and my family suport me and my friends. I played in the closed beta and now Im playing in the open beta and I almoste gets 3-5 kills every round. I like to play every operator exept the ones whit the shields I undestand that somegames I need to play Termaite abd some games mabye Ash.

I would lovet o join a Competitiv Clan.