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11-27-2015, 10:30 PM
Hello Ubisoft Devs!

I have now played a ton of hours in the closed and in the open beta and I feel ready to give you feedback on your hard work! I have unlocked and played every operator in the open beta. I'm writing this feedback because I want to point out several key issues that I personally feel should be corrected to bring out the full potential of this game (I really want this game to succeed as I'm having a blast playing it). I will also report some of the issues I've seen written in these forums and on Reddit. My first language is French so please forgive any mistakes...

1. Booting up the game and menus

-Intro videos should have the option to be skipped after seeing them for the first time (I had to rename the "startup" directory to achieve that; not very user friendly)

-Options menu is amazing. I really feel like I'm playing a PC game and not a console port. I really like the descriptions on every setting for anti-aliasing!

-"Boosters & Challenges" menu seems to be hard to find for a lot of players since I had to describe to a lot of players the method to activate boosts and find challenges.

-Challenges cooldowns are a bit long. Your game is one I plan to play on a daily basis for a while, so I love having "quests" every day to spice things up.

-Inviting people to Squad is much better in the open beta than it was in the closed beta, but (as you are probably aware already) the squad system is unstable at the moment (frequent disconnects, unable to start game or crashes)

-Aside from unlocking challenges, the Clearance Level seems like a superfluous stat

-Nothing happens when you mouse over your "Ranked Games" rank. I see the shiny icon, but it gives me no clue on what my rank is. I couldn't find any info on ranking anywhere in the menus...

-The "Live" menu is a bit barren at the moment... but it's a beta so it's fine!

-The "Shop" menu is fine, but the interface should be a tad different to make players realize they are entering a "zone" where they might spend their currencies.

-The "Operators" menu is fine and I personally like the new icons

-The "Play" menu is fine and functional

- Why is there no menu to see the stats (scoreboard, stats by maps, stats by operator,etc...)? This is a very important feature for any serious FPS....

2. Matchmaking and rankings

-After the long maintenance, matchmaking has been fast and reliable for me (over 95% successful matches). There are still a few issues (squads crashing), but it's functional.

-Matchmaking for ranked games is really sketchy. As a gold ranked player, I was playing with a lot of bronze and low silver players. I never lost patience against any players, but I believe you put a ranked system in the game so that people could play with players of their skill level.

-As a north american player, why am I matched with players from Europe and South America? The ping difference alone is atrocious, but when your team is speaking a language you don't understand, it's really hard to do teamwork (I speak English most of the time with my team to be understood unless I'm playing with my French speaking friends).

-The ranking system is a real yo-yo. You gain 2 ranks one game, then loose 3 the next one. It is way too fast to climb or drop the ladder!

BUG? : I was able to join a few (losing) ranked games in progress. Really sucks to join a loosing match.

BUG : Joining a Casual match in progress will yield no renown after the game...

3. Preparation phase in both Casual & Ranked

-The new timers are great! (Much faster!)

-I hate the fact that I can't check the scoreboard after selecting my operator. I would like to see my ping and check again my score before the round starts!

BUG : Drones still have difficulty to mark objectives on the map when they are right in front of them (jumping up and down with my drone in front of a bomb, but it doesn't say its been found)

-There's not enough time at the end of a ranked game to read the scoreboard before you are automatically queued again. Ranked games are much more intense than casual and I like having some downtime to cooldown a bit after an intense match.

-You really need to be able to change your weapon attachments (silencer on or off) in between rounds during a match... I know this will require a bit more work, but I believe this is an important feature.

4. Shooting mechanics & general gameplay

-Shooting is great when everybody has a stable connection, but when you have somebody with over 100 ping, you get really sketchy kills... I won't go over the tick rates and all that crap, but you need to buff up the servers to have solid shooting like in CS:GO if you want your game to succeed or at least be taken seriously.

-The "You have been spotted" warning needs to be removed from ranked games. Players in higher ranked games are now systematically destroying cameras. Speaking of cameras, having an extra set of "possible spawns" for cameras would be nice to make them a bit more of an asset for the defenders. They are getting countered pretty hard at the moment. Attackers needs and audio cue in ranked games to know when they have destroyed a camera (especially when you do it from afar!)

-When a defender gets out of the combat zone, he needs to be immediately tracked. Kings don't get out of their besieged castles to wage war. The 5 seconds timer will only get more abused as time goes by.

CHEATERS : Already seeing cheaters on PC... You need to cull that plague fast... A report player feature is badly needed (cheating, griefing, harassment.etc.) Players who leaves ranked games need more than a 15 mins ban from queuing again... It needs to scale like in CS:GO

-The blood in the Open Beta is too bright. Looks like spray paint. Not a deal breaker... but you had it right in the closed beta...

-Could it be possible to reduce slightly the friendly fire damage? It really sucks when your shield teammates jumps in front of your spray and gets a headshot in the back of his head.

-I think that players die too fast in general. I really like when I can resurrect a fallen teammate or get resurrected after crawling in the middle of a gun fight! It would also make DOC more useful. It would also make ROOK a better operator.

-CLIPPING : Guns and operators are easily clipping through walls... If CS:GO can do it right, so can you!

5. Operators review

--THATCHER : It's really hard to gauge the effectiveness or explosion radius of the EMP Grenades. It could use a better visual cue.

--ASH : Really great operator. Really popular. The grenade launcher has a great feeling to it.

-- THERMITE : Almost a must have every game, he's really strong. Really feels nice to blow up the reinforced wall!

--MONTAGNE : Probably the most "bland" of all the operators... His shield is too slow to deploy to see any real play... With the quality of the netcodes at the moment, you often feel like you get shot through your deployed shield.

--GLAZ : He's really good. Really underestimated him when he was first announced. His red scope has sometimes a kind of weird "gloom" or "bloom" and it's hard to observe through it.

--BLITZ : The flashbangs on his shields are useless since they have no range. Give less flashbangs, but make them meaningful....

--IQ : Well rounded. Good guns, light armor. Her ability protects her from nitro cells traps!

--MUTE :Probably the most important defender to have. Really good at blocking info gathering. Can protect reinforced wall. He's almost a MUST HAVE in any serious teams...

--CASTLE : His reinforced panels are really great... but they are really inconvenient. You need to be able to remove them without destroying them (make it slow) to make adjustments or let a teammate pass...

--PULSE : His scanner is much better, but the refresh rate could be a tad faster. It's really hard when you are trying to get a good read in stairs because the refresh rate is too slow. Also, why does he yell "DEPLOYING HEARTHBEATS SENSOR!!!!" when you use the tool... He would be the perfect silent roamer....

--DOC : His revive pistol is great... for himself. Your teammates always die too fast, which reduces the usefulness of DOC.

--KAPKAN : His booby traps are a joke... They are easy to spot and easy to destroy. It will only get worse as players get more experience with the game. You seriously need to remove the gigantic red spike that sticks out of the wall and make the laser barely visible. Will teach a few call of duty players to take their time when they charge in a room...

--TACHANKA : A good TACHANKA player is a real threat. It's a great operator when you know how to use him. However, it feels like the space required to drop the LMG is way too big.

--BANDIT : Much better than in the closed beta. Electricity needs to do more damage. It's really easy to avoid. It would also be nice if he could turn on or off his batteries to make reactive traps!

Final Thoughts

You guys are sitting on a gold mine! The game is thrilling, but there a few key issues (cheating, netcodes, report system, personal stats & previous matches stats ) that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I know these key issues won't be fixed for release, but it would be nice if they were acknowledged by the devs so that we could keep our hopes up. I really love the transparency your team has shown so far. Please keep it up! Again, I'm really grateful to have had the chance to play this game. The full game is already on my UPlay account and I can't wait to start unlocking operators and ranking up!

Final request : Please make the stand alone season pass available at launch! I got a "free" copy of the game with my new video card and I would like to buy the season pass at release to get the extra challenges and the renown booster!

Thanks again for taking the time to read my in-depth feedback. If a community manager could acknowledge that it was read, I would really feel like I didn't waste my time writing this...

Thanks again!

Have a nice launch!

See you in game!