View Full Version : Error 2-0x00000041

11-27-2015, 08:47 PM
Hello, i keep getting this message while in the middle of the game. Not all the time but it happens way too often.
What happens is that i'm ingame and playing while all of a sudden i get thrown back out to the menu and this error pops up.
As i said it happens too often and i only play ranked game cus casual is too much TK, leaving and so on. And everytime i get kicked it counts as a loss and deranks me.
I don't really care about the rank but everytime it does i derank and get to play with people who isn't as good as me and we just steamroll them, plus it's really annoying to get thrown out all the freaking time. Does anyone know a fix for this or will i have to send a ticket to ubisoft?

11-27-2015, 09:15 PM
The same thing I have today, all day, for 6 hours of play, I finish the only one party. Yesterday, the game was stable.

11-27-2015, 09:31 PM
I have got the same error all the time...When i was in the middle of the game..SO plz get us a fix !!!If Someone do have..Plz let it knw -_-

11-28-2015, 03:46 PM
Still crashes. After one or two games, climbs this error [Error 2-0x00000041].