View Full Version : Cancelling my pre-order.

11-27-2015, 08:36 PM
I'm sorry Ubisoft but you have lost three (possibly five) sales of Rainbow Six: Siege. And here's why.

Though this game is currently in beta, the stability of the servers are questionable at best, the connectivity issues that it has are quite poor, and the level of bugs prevalent right now is a cause for concern.
I simply cannot believe that this game will be even close to being ready for shipping come the 1st of December.
And lets face it, you have a track record of screwing your customers over with shoddy releases, all so you can meet your investor targets.
Have the lessons of AC:Unity not been enough for you?
It simply comes down to a level of trust and i personally had lost all faith and trust in the Ubisoft brand after Watchdogs.
Since then i have never purchased a Ubisoft game, and after experiencing Rainbow Six: Siege in its current, soon to be released as, state shows that you are still behaving the same way as you were in the run up to AC: Unity's release.

So, as said, you have lost three sales here as me and my friends were all planning to purchase the game because of the fun we had during the closed beta.
There were possibly going to be five of us purchasing it but two were unconfirmed.
Now though, as myself and two others are not going to be purchasing the game, the fourth and fifth potential sales of the game will not go through either.
Its such a shame as i had high hopes for this game.

I hope that this will serve as a message to you as a company that such practices cannot, and should not be tolerated.

11-27-2015, 10:48 PM
They don't give a damn. I posted a very upset thread recently, and I doubt it will do any good. Ubisoft are run by soulless assh0les who care only for their bottom line, and not for the consumer. As long as *******s buy it for Christmas, it's all the same to them. **** Ubisoft. **** 'em right in the ***. If they remove the ******ed microtransactions, and released the second closed beta as a 20$ game, I would buy it. Also, the new operator emblems suck ballsack. And where are the old operators like Rook and Fuze? They also seriously censored R E T A R D E D.

11-28-2015, 04:20 AM
After playing average on Mp and THs ive come to the conclusion that my money goes elswhere to developers that deserve credit and my money.

Next month i buy Just Cause 3, and its fun its developed by fellow Swedes like myself, so of course i support them. Next up Star Wars BF 👍

Could have been R6s 2015 as i loved the series and own them ALL in the past, this will be the first that i ditch.

But there are way to many glitches, bug and lack of content to be fair to buy it.
If this was an alfa i said nothing

UBI Has ventured into the rabbithole and wont survive without a big fanbase. The managed to kill AC, and now R6. What will come next.

RIP UBI, you dont deserve a fate like this, but it is on you, you brought this on yourself.

And yes, they dont want to hear whats bad, and they want people to buy less for more money. Sorry i dont buy into that BS anymore, once i was naive, then i grew up.

Thanks to Ubi for the playtrough though, ive been mad if id pay for a game that was broken at launch.