View Full Version : My thoughts so far.

11-27-2015, 07:13 PM
So far I've found the Beta very enjoyable. The game is fun and addictive especially when played with a squad of friends all communicating.

The bad bits

'Netcode' is terrible at times. even though it appears I have a good ping rating I get shot by people who have barely peeked the corner. What happens on screen does not line up with the actual game (kill cam).
Game glitches and your character gets trapped when climbing over objects
Frequent game crashes

1. Somewhere to re-supply
2. Operators need more appropriate equipment e.g. Thermite needs flashbangs over breaching charges.
3. Breaching charges need to dazzle enemies momentarily.
4. Being able to join on friends mid game is a must.
5. Remove the K/D rating from your player profile. It is irrelevant in this game.

Overall I'm impressed so far although a little concerned with the crashes considering the game is out within a week of this Beta.