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11-27-2015, 06:17 PM
Hello gents, our team is Violent Nature. vN- is a hardcore competitive team and we currently have a skilled group made up of 5 alpha and closed beta players who have invested a lot of time in game, and in preparation for the game. We have custom tactics books, training sessions, practices, evaluations, and strategic planning sessions..
Our members come from a range of games and competitiveness. Some of our members were top 10 players in the world in Battlefield Play 4 Free, some are a part of a #1 clan in Battlefield 4, but all of our members bring something unique to the table. The members we currently have a lot of competitive experience, hopefully you will join us. During the betas we put in multiple 16+ hour days on Rainbow Six learning everything possible we could about the game. And during the off time we made strategies, schemed ideas, and watched every single RB6 video that exists. Getting every edge possible and begging for Dec 1st to come faster.
We will have tryouts/ interviews for the team upon the release. We currently have a website, a TeamSpeak, game battles team, twitch channel, steam group, and a Facebook group (only if you choose). A YouTube channel and twitter are in the works. vN- is made up of a diverse set of highly dedicated, and skilled individuals. We hail from all over the U.S and Canada; from Florida, to Iowa, to New York, and everywhere in between. It is more than our goal… we will be an elite force within the community and e-Sport leagues that Rainbow 6: Siege is poised to have. Alone we're good, together we're elite. Violent Nature, Welcome to the Siege.
** Wondering just how tactical we are? Come and stop by our TS: ts46.gameservers.com:9318 . **

• Age 18+
• TeamSpeak 3 (Headset & Microphone)
• Ability to travel
• Something Unique to bring to group

Violent Nature Media:
Website: http://vn-gaming.weebly.com/
TeamSpeak 3: ts46.gameservers.com:9318
Game battles: http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/pc/rainbow-six-siege/team/violent-nature-
Twitch Channel:
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/violent_Nature-
YouTube: (Coming Soon)
Twitter: (Coming Soon)