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11-27-2015, 05:45 PM
This game is all about money and how much stuff you can sell in the store later on.
Lacking a good campaign take this as far away from earlier R6 games, and
Just make it a new C/S with purble sneakers, jeans, horrible paintjobs, awful sound, OVERKILL, no stealth, no real teamplay, to small maps.


If you want to surgically remove terrorists you pick them of one by one.
You want to clean house, just order an airstrike.

No sniper cover, no real silenced weapons. Anybody who have used or shot an professional silenced weapon know how they sound.

Break though a barricade like the hulk and wake the whole neighbourhood up, as its not bad enough to have the cops sirens walling in the night.

Much in this game can and must be improved.

1. Sound, try to sneak over a roof and you sound like an elefant.
2. Falling from a roof is to easy och kill you in an instant.
3.Unlocks should be universal for the type of weapon, Assault Rifles, handguns, shotguns and so forth. Not for every operator or gun as of now.No way i play it like that.
4. Be able to pick up weapons on the ground, and have ammocashes outside, or at least increase the mags, grenades and other gear you carry with you.
5. Increase or decrease amnount of armor on your person. Make it a weightissue rather then two count combo.
6. Be able to use gadgets if in range and not destroyed by enemy, like the remote camera.
7. Medikits or defibs in some maps. In other case its going to be short gunfights.

8. be able to cut power and use NV inside and outside on maps

9. Turn of Gamma as it is possible to make the nighttime maps look like an afternoon.

10. Be able to JUMP or hit the dirt when fired or trying to reach a point not used by grapplinghook.

11. Changeable hud, as many boxes blocks the view.

12. Be able to change gear "in game" put on or take of silencer for greater damage, different ammotypes depending on enemy expectation and breach.

13. Grenade damage from both Emp, Flash and Stun. If you have an detonation it will hurt. A frag maims, wound or kill.
But tossing a stun or emp should breach a thinner wall.

14. Patrolling the perimeter of enemies, not just inside the buildings. (Dogs)

15. Use terrorist as human shield and use him against his own people.

I dont know if this is a R6 game or star wars, as it seem Darth vader is visiting on location.

11-27-2015, 06:32 PM
1. Hold/press your alt key.
2. Don't like down or up while rappeling, just look straight forward and you will never fall from a roof again.
3. I see your point, but it's not like you can't unlock every single operator + attachements in a few days of playtime.
4. Agreed.
5. It's perfectly balanced now. You want to run superfast? Almost no armor. Want to have tons of armor? You are slow.
6. You can still use your drone after the preparation round. Press 6 and spacebar to move your drone again.
7. Where would you put medikits that don't give the attackers advantage? An operator with medic could be possible.
8. Pretty cool idea.
9. Might be right, never tried that.
10. Hit the dirt as in lay down? Because you can. Jump doesn't really fit into the game I think, but I'd have to see before judging really.
11. I don't really have a problem with that, but a minimalistic hud could make it better indeed.
12. Yes please!
13. Nope.
14. Agreed. Dogs thoughh?
15. Wont work ingame.