View Full Version : Terrible!! Can't Play do to POOR Thought proccess in the Loadout Screen!!!

11-27-2015, 05:36 PM
For PC!

First of all I still haven't played the actual game yet... Can't get past the Loading Screen -- No one seems to know how to select an operator.
Having to press Alt + Enter twice then Esc to get to the Operator Screen is Dumb!!!

Secondly, You can't exit the Loading Screen -- There is no Settings once in there. Pressing F10 only locks the screen like there is another menu open however No menu is visible... You have to press Esc to unlock the screen...

After 20 min. waiting and trying to explain to people through chat that they have to press Alt + Enter Twice then Esc to select a Loadout I finally just Closed the game from Windowed Mode... Only way to get out!!!

I'm sure the game play is great... But I will not experience that until the game is fully released!!! Good Bye Beta!!

Anyone else feel the same???

11-27-2015, 10:56 PM
They downgraded the graphics, added microtransactions, changed the operator emblems to look R E T A R D E D, and the servers still don't work. None of this will be fixed by the time it is released. It isn't possible, and Ubisoft doesn't care regardless. F U C K YOU UBISOFT. Definitely will not buy. I was going to, now, not anymore. Me and a friend WERE going to buy. But no.