View Full Version : General Feedback + Review of Beta

11-27-2015, 02:25 PM
Hello Ubisoft,

A fellow Montrealer here thats always been a big fan, I'm gonna go over some of the issues I've had on R6 (PS4) hopefully these might get resolved.

Connection Issues

-When opening the game I usually encounter and issue that tells me It cannot connect to the R6 servers after the attempting to reconnect counter is finished it will sometimes connect (for instance last night it stayed like that for 30min).

-I had major rubber band in my recent games heres a video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVGTdckkVQs This issue happen in 5 games last night I still need to test this morning as you can see in the video we all had high ping. I have a small business internet package as my home internet with Videotron so It's definitely not on my end.

-Hit detection seems to be real off I unfortunately didn't save the video at the time but for instance I had a game where I unloaded a clip into the enemy he turned around and 1 shot me after looking at the kill cam he actually never got hit once. (he wasn't moving and didn't even notice I was shooting at him.)

Graphical bugs

- I'd say 4/5 games the kill cam or final replay is bugged the camera is either pointing at the player and not the actual play or its pointing at the floor or we see through the floor.

General Bugs

- Many times I don't seem to get any renown or experience after each match I have no idea if this is intended or not and do not know why this occurs.

General Feedback

-Needs to be more punishment for leaving a game even if it's casual it really takes away from the player experience and usually other teammates will leave when they realize we are at a disadvantage.

-Shields are exceptionally strong the option to hold a firearm while using shield should be completely removed.

-We need to have more search options in the game as regional searches or only play with players that have mics even if this might make the player wait longer having the option will still allow us to choose slightly how we want to play.

-Net coding needs to be really looked at and don't feel bad about it Call of duty is terrible at net coding too.

That's all I got so far. Honestly if you release a game like this in Montreal full price of 92$ (including tax) you already know people are gonna get mad. This game needs to be pushed back desperately. Producers might want to make the money back right now but this is just going to shoot ubisoft in the foot and harm sales of the up coming game Division.

so far my experience in this game is having me seriously doubt my pre-order at my local Microplay (120$ before taxes). I ain't saying this because I want to insult you guys or force you into anything it's because the game in its state would make anyone doubt pre-order or day 1 pick up.