View Full Version : [EU] Looking to make a team (that could go competitive in the future)

11-27-2015, 01:53 PM
Hello everyone

I am looking for decent players to stack with (+2 ranked K/D and above please) - so far I have been soloQing the entire open beta, topfragging every single game and losing half of my matches. It is a tiny bit frustrating, but I am having a blast with this game, so I dont care about losing. I am still learning and I just focus on every round and take it as a individual challange.

Regarding the competitive matter, I would like to form a stack of 5 players that would play 4-7 days a week, 4-6 hours a day together.
Now I know lots of people will try to discourage me since the game has a ****ty netcode and a tickrate of a Moldavian dust2 deathmatch server in 1.6, thus any competitive scene spawning right after launch isnt really possible, but that is not what I am aiming for in the first place. I want to keep the team in shape in case any kind of competition (cups, qualifiers, etc.) arises, we will be able to take it with ease (assuming Ubisoft will actually give us proper hitreg in a game thats based off winning 1v1 aim-peak duels most of the time).

As for me, I have started gaming when I was 4 years old, my first game being UT99. When I was 6-7 y/o, I dominated local LANs in UT99.
At the age of 13-14, I was a top TF2 competitor in my country, playing two classes with the arguably highest skill cap (Demoman and Scout).
After TF2, I switched to CS:S and played it for +1 year. High profile scrimms, gathers and in-houses with players who are today (some of them) icons of CS:GO (apex, shox, sn4ke, krystal, guardian).
When CS:GO closed beta started, I have gotten in right away thanks to obvious reasons. I dropped CS:GO shortly after its official launch and picked it back up in a year.

Before I picked up CS:GO I have played for a said year W3TFT and SC2. I reached Master league with my main race and was a scrub in Warcraft (not like being masters in SC means anything). I also played QuakeLive and have gotten master ELO in CA and FFA modes - was an ok duelist as well.

After picking up CS:GO I played it basically until today. I always played CS at very close to what was tier1.5 skill level. Some teams called me in to stand-in for them from time to time in online competition (in other words "faking" - it was and still is illegal in esports).

My biggest strength besides insane aim is my ability to learn faster than everyone else. Every game I have ever played, even if I didnt achieve anything, I learned quickly. When I see an opponent outplay me or do something I would have never thought of, I just smile and tell myself "I am stealing that".

Right now I am almost 19 years old, half a year away from finishing high school (computer engineering). If competitive scene for R6:S spawns within the upcoming 6 months, I will take a year off and focus on going tier1 in this game before going to university. If I make it, I will be playing professionally as long as I can. I would probably establish a twitch channel as well.

Thanks for reading

P.S.: Both my parents and my friends support me in gaming. The goal of this post is not to make people come in here and tell me to quit or tell me that R6:S is never going to be competitive. I know very well it might never become competitive. It is still going to be nice having a high-skill stack to stomp everyone with.


I established a twitch channel - I will be streamingly daily, about 6 hours a day minimum

Everyone is welcome ^_^