View Full Version : Game uses 90% to 100% of my CPU, plus random game crashes

11-27-2015, 08:46 AM

I have an AMD FX 8370, 4Ghz CPU, and NVIDIA GTX 750ti, 2 GB video card. The game is using 90% to 100% of my CPU which is really too much for a game like this that does not have too much action. I play Battlefield 4 on the same PC, which has so much more action than Rainbow Six Siege, yet Battlefield 4 does not take too much CPU power like this game. The game keep freezing for about 10 seconds every time the CPU usage reaches 100%, then the game resumes again when the CPU usage is lower than 100%. I am not running any application that is using any CPU power while I am playing this game.

Also, at some points I get black screens, then my PC restarts itself while I am playing the game. I am not sure if this problem is related to the CPU or something else. I set the graphics to the lowest possible so that there is no pressure on the video card. I think the problem is with the CPU usage. I hope this problem will be fixed soon because I just pre-ordered the game and do not want to keep having this game crash and high CPU usage. So far the game crashed twice within 3 hours of gameplay and forced my PC to restart itself too.

There is no way a game like this will take that much of my CPU power. Even Battlefield 4 did not take that much power. My CPU is going to get burned if I keep playing the game with 90% CPU usage. Please fix this CPU overuse problem ASAP.