View Full Version : BETA Tester: Bug Report by Wuzi

11-27-2015, 07:54 AM
Hi Ubisoft

so far i could found the following bugs: (sorry im not a native english speaker)
all these bugs could be found in multiplayer casual mode

1. sometimes its possible after a match that you wont get any exp points or ingame cash
this scenario is also exist when you join an already started match

2. sometimes its possible that the game crashs when you try to reload an already full magazin

3. the view of the kill cam isnt correct: means -> it looks like that your "murderer" looks way to low but he target your head as an example

4. matchmaking: its possible that the game could find some friends and also opponents but after that with the message "joining game session" it will stand still with this progress
also it is possible after the matchmaking when you come to the part where you could choose one of the operators that nothing happen
for the second one its needed to close the game with alt + f4 because f10 for options isnt working at this point

thats it so far i think :)