View Full Version : I Have some issues

Fluffy Jumba
11-27-2015, 06:14 AM
As I write this please keep in mind I wanna like the game but I have issues. First of all, the multiplayer has two games that feel identical. I See nor feel a difference between BOMB and SECURE AREA. Secondly, they both rely on camping, I hope other game modes will force the players to move around because everyone that plays FPS games love campers, said no one EVER,,. also a mode where I can respawn would be nice, just sitting around waiting for the next round is as about as fun as watching paint dry. Thirdly, get rid of teamkill or offer a mode that doesn't have it. With areas being so tight and small, it's practically impossible not to accidently do it once or twice and lets not forget about trolls who do it for the sake of being *******s. Fourthly, I Know this is BETA but I really hope there is a single player campaign in the final release and that it is worthy of Tom Clancy and not some CoD rip off. Fifthly, I Sincerely hope Ubisoft isn't dumb enough to put in microtransactions in the guise of R6 credits. The game will be $60 and I bet my bottom dollar that the season pass will be about the same. So that is $120 of profit right there, that is more than enough, don't be greedy. You're game developers and publishers not noble prize winning physicists. So far the Beta shows that it doesn't have much of a leg to stand on.