View Full Version : [BUGS/FIXES/ADD] Several things bugged or need fixed

11-27-2015, 03:43 AM
BUG - Vaulting onto a bed and then trying to crouch/prone (House map) will make you stuck in standing position. Couldn't move for at least 1 minute.
BUG - Playing T-Hunt and the host left just as the scoreboard came up. The sound of renown/xp being added just kept looping after that. Had to close game to desktop.
BUG - Hot mic is active even when Push-To-Talk is selected
FIX - Chatbox is too small, can't even write a full sentence.
FIX - Allow us to use the mouse to select someone on the scoreboard to MUTE or KICK them faster.
FIX - Create a spawn zone that has spawn protection enabled or something, too many people throwing random grenades on purpose at teammates when round starts.

I don't want to make a new thread, but I want this added to the game as well please
ADD - Flashlights, nightvision or thermal goggles. It's unheard of that a special forces team has none of these, could be as attachments (nightvision scopes anyone?)

If anyone wants to test the game properly and do some actual testing while playing, add me on Uplay using the same name CrazedRabbit (NZ or AUS players preferred due to timezones)