View Full Version : Found a bug. It's a problem with high FPS and input delay

11-27-2015, 12:49 AM
So the bug I found for RB6 involves high framerates. I play with a 980ti with a 144hz monitor. Without vsync the framerate differs, and with vsync frame 1, it's still over 100. When I use vsync 2, the framerate goes to 72. If I have it on any option BUT vsync frame 2, I have keyboard delay/input delay on my keyboard. Sometimes random. I've looked into solutions, and have tried other in game settings, but this seems like the only fix for it. No programs I run cause this issue, and no other games have this keyboard delay/lag. I hadn't had this issue in previous betas either.

Nobody, that I've read so far, has this issue in the current beta, but it seems like a handful of people had this issue in previous ones