View Full Version : Unbalanced: Defenders can go outside to early

11-26-2015, 11:39 PM
Hi there,

today i got a match full of attackers (after the switch defenders) which use one simple and greate way to get an easy win... they just rush... rushing all the time with all their force. they dont actually care about playing slowly and carefully. As attackers they rush the defenders down (okay thats easy and maybe the fault of the defenders), but as defenders they move OUTSIDE.

All of them... out of windows, on the rooftop and especially the entrances of the building. They dont care to protect the target. They just running around and hunt the enemy attackers down while they are crawling on the walls outside trying to get a plan.

Main Problem:
Most of the rushing is caused by the short time-period which forces the defenders to stay inside. This time should be longer (especially on the cargo ship map) to prevent the defenders walking on the rooftop while the attackers havent even managed to reach the entrance of the building.
5-10 seconds is way to short. I dont think they should allowed leave the building anyway until the last minute ticking on the clock..


Include a method which force atleast 3/5 defenders to stay inside.
Increase the timeperiod where defenders cant leave the building
decrease the time for attackers to get to the building by placing the spawnpoints a few meters less far from the building
allow attackers to break down the observation phase 5 seconds early by hitting "spawn" without letting them inside the bulding within the normal time period.

Out of Topic:
Some Attackers got multiple drones but its impossible to switch between several own drones and pilot them again... this should be possible for a "drone operator"

Hope you will consider this in future balancing hotfixes otherwise you will end in a match full of COD playing rushing teams in competitive...