View Full Version : PS4 controls have gone down the drain

11-26-2015, 09:58 PM
In closed beta they were perfect!

I don't get how Fallout 4 can have better gunplay that R6 ?

There's an acceleration that's preceded by an immense amount of input lag (that wasn't in closed beta). That insures that when you see a terrorist you will go to look an him and not even aiming yet you will find yourself looking at the cieling. Then when you aim, before you even shoot your weapon is wildly swaying from left to right because you can't ceneter the crosshairs on the target. Then once you fire, when you try to compensate for recoil, if you tap in a direction nothing happens, then you tap for a bit more and you're looking at the floor.

Why the decision to change the controls so drastically from closed beta? It was flawless. Now it's junk. No shooter, ever, should handle like this. Especially when it was so spot on earlier in the development stage. Wild.