View Full Version : Cannot Move in Game [bug]

11-26-2015, 09:42 PM
The round starts an I cannot move, I can shoot but cannot run. Rooted to the spot. I have rebooted multiple times, I've disconnected all other controllers and USB devices - still cannot move during a match!!!

I think I've had enough, been trying to play for over 2 hours - first the open beta wasn't appearing in my Uplay client (I could only resolved this by creating a NEW Uplay account! - CRAZY) Next I couldn't run the game in full screen mode, it just caused constant flickering. Next I was stuck on the loading screen, had to restart ...and now I finally get into a game I cannot move!

All of this on top of the mm problems and delayed beta!

I had been looking forward to this game for months but I can't support this mess - pre order cancelled. I'm out :(

It's utterly terrifying that Ubi are releasing this game next week!

11-27-2015, 09:51 PM
I have the same problem.

11-27-2015, 10:23 PM
That they changed the mm system again, after the last one in the technical tests seemed fixed, is just wrong, and its causing all these hours of waiting, and stucked lobbys again.
But that are bugs that can be in a beta, and it will be fixed when its out, something is always wrong, just dont get ur experience from the beta, its a beta, dont play betas when u get crazy when u see bugs, we play the beta because we want to find the bugs so when it comes out its bug free