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11-26-2015, 09:17 PM
I admit that I haven't played in many matches yet, but I'm already noticing that the majority of people are still not using mics.

CAn you lock mics on?

Rainbow 63 and Black arrow where superb games and everyone spoke, all the time. I've only just got a PS4, to play rainbow on. I've got it in the hopes that it won't be totally overwhelmed with silent rooms where everyone who plays is in a private conversation with someone else.
It doesn't matter how many mates you have, if your playing a tactical game like this, you should be talking to your team mates.

- I've noticed a seperate thread where people were complaining about their mics turning on for no reason. Stop that being a bug, by making it deliberate.

Pretty please?

11-26-2015, 09:59 PM
Yeah its really anoying when I'm not with my friends I go into a lobby and everybody is either in a private party or not using mics... is there a way for you to identify who is partied up or without a mic?? In call of duty there was a Playlist that was no private party chat allowed... this allowed you to be in a party but you were forced to using in game chat... that way if you didn't have a full part you could still communicate with your other teammates

Please make this happen! It will set the difference between solo lonwolfers and team based gameplay

11-26-2015, 10:18 PM
Add a mute button as well, so I can skip the coughing, kids, wife, radio and who knows what.
I for one am not interested in 5 open voice channels during a game.

11-27-2015, 04:36 AM
Should be able to choose some LFG filters...like primary language and mic usage...

There's things worse then playing with no-mic users, like getting queued with a bunch of french speaking canadians or russians who spam the mic to their duo. Or getting that guy who leaves his mic open, can't hear anybody else, and is having a conversation with some dude in skype at the same time. I had this one dude call the team trash (he was in 4th place of course), so I finally type to him (since he cant hear me even though the rest of the team can) "that's because you're not communicating". He reads it out loud (tatatatoday juinior), says "well thats kind true...but **** that i'm not giving in" and keeps on sucking.

Also, this game is ****ty a bout microphones tbh. I've never had another game or VoiP system give my mic such problems trying to get the sound right.

11-27-2015, 09:25 PM