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11-26-2015, 05:47 PM
Hello everyone,

recently, I have come across a very annoying bug that must have come with yesterday's patch. When I try to join a multiplayer match, the game very often takes me directly (after 5-10 seconds of loading time) to the screen that would normally be displayed after operator selction before a round (showing all the players and the operators the chose next to eachother). However, I am stuck on this screen and there is no way for me to exit but pressing Alt+F4. I know that I am not the only player experiencing those issues in matchmaking. As I mentioned earlier, I have never had this problem before so I guess it originated from the last server maintenance period.

Another issue I'd like to adress is the following: One of my friends reported that that when he is in a match, his vision is partially blocked by an object similar to a wooden plank. I am sorry that I can not supply you with any visual material on that. I only know that his graphics card's drivers are the most current ones.

Honestly, I am a bit confused about the things going on with Rainbow Six Siege at the moment. I have been watching your game since its early stages of development and also played the closed Alpha. I was very pleased with the version I got to see in the closed beta (in spite of the matchmaking problems). But now that release is only 5 days away, I wonder whether I am going to be disappointed with the final result. I have preordered the game and spent quite a lot of money on it, so I think it would be just fair if it delivers what you promised it would. And matchmaking is one of the crucial points with competitive ubisoft games. I can understand that optimising the mechanics is not easy, but please do not let down the fans who have been waiting for Siege since E3 2014.

Best regards,
stealthfreak1, Germany