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11-26-2015, 05:22 PM
I know were only half way through the Beta but I think I'm done, I cant manage anymore. So far I have spent over 90% of my time on this game fighting with bugs and basically just looking at menus. Its a shame really because I really like this game, ive been in it since the Alpha and have tried to keep hyped for it, but there is still a serious amount of work needed in it. 5 days till launch and it still feels like its in alpha and needs another 6 months, there is a great game here but it is buried under I pile of bugs glitches and frustrating design decisions.

Here are 10 changes that I believe are needed before launch to make the game bearable: -

1 - Solid Matchmaking, this is a must and I'm shocked that 7 days before launch it was still in such a shocking mess, this should have been the very first thing perfected months ago. The impression this gives to people who are seeing your game for the first time is disastrous.

2 - Solid menu interface, I cant exit my game 75% of the time, I just get stuck in limbo unable to do anything, this has been in since the Alpha over 6 months ago, having to Alt F4 to get out of a AAA game in 2015 is disgraceful.

3 - Mute button. I live in Europe which if you did not know is a vast assortment of Countries and Languages, this meant most of my game have French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian speaking players in which just makes the comms devolve into a cacophony of chaos. I know you can fully turn off the comms but there needs to be a quick Mute / Unmute All button.

4 - Fix Renown. At the moment its hit or miss as to weather you will get Renown and XP at the end of a game, this is frustrating as hell, combine that with the fact that your selling Ubisoft fun bucks for real money just amplifies this and leaves a very sour taste in the mouth.

5 - Mid Match Joining. At the moment you get nothing rewarded for joining a match mid game, No Renown, XP, nothing, Give me a reason to stay and help the team ive been assigned too, because at the moment I just leave straight away (if it will let me). And for the love of god give me a check box not to join a game in progress, I'm getting fed up of being placed in a game Mid Match Point round and having to sit and watch for 5 mins, Stop wasting my time.

6 - Defensive Operators in Terrorist Hunt. With a game so lacking in content as this, only allowing us to take Attacking operators in Terrorist hunt just makes the game feel even more limited, open them all up to add some variety to the mix.

7 - Reskin Defenders. This has been said since the Alpha, the game makes no sense, why are CTU attacking CTU? is it a training exercise? if so why does neon coloured blood fly everywhere? this is something so basic even Counterstrike got it right over a decade ago. I know you have created little backstories for them all but honestly no one cares, we would much prefer a logical game. This completely breaks immersion.

8 - Make the recruits weapons customisable, Sometimes I just want to grab a grenade and breaching charge and get stuck in there, atm if I do that I'm at a disadvantage as my F2 kicks all over the place as there is no grip / barrel attachment on it and I'm stuck with iron sights.

9 - More weapon options. Operators like Blitz are boring, they have no options to them, One gun that's not a choice that's the choice made for us, give him access to a selection of pistols. Variety is the spice of life and will keep people coming back to your game, when there are no options games dies, See Evolve, Stop limiting us.

10 - Price. This is essentially a Multiplayer only shooter with 10 maps (I think) and microtransactions, for the price of 49.99 in the UK, you are coming up against so much competition and when you come with so little and ask so much you are going to hit massive resistance.

I don't want this game to fail but I honestly see it happening. IMO you need to address most if not all of these points before launch or you will be crucified by the media and public, No one wants another Unity but this has all the hallmarks of being Unity 2.

Thanks for reading