View Full Version : Matching up by language doesnt work.

11-26-2015, 04:41 PM
Ok, this simple matchmaking thing is driving me crazy. Im in Argentina, speak english, I have my PS4 language settings in english. The game language settings are in english too, and there it says that the game will prioritize the selected language to match up with people with the same language, but it doesnt do it.
Why the hell everytime is looking for teammates in the matchmaking brings me only brazilian people. I DONT SPEAK PORTUGUESE OR SPANISH! ! !

I have been two hours trying to find an english looby, and 100% of the times brought me brazilian loobies.

I know this is because the closest server is in Brazil and have better ping connection but I need to connect with american or english lobbies, please. There is not an option to select matchmaking region, so I'm stuck to play with brazilian and I cannot speak and communicate with them, and that is an important feature of this game, isn't it?

You have not considered this big issue ?? I cannot buy this game if i will only have to play with people who only speaks portuguese. I mean I guess this is not only my problem because it will do the same in any other regions, so WHY DONT YOU LET US CHOOSE THE REGION TO DO THE MACHMAKING ?????? PLEASE ! ! !

I need some kind of officlal answer to this. coz I need to know if im gonna buy this game or not.