View Full Version : 26/11 Servers Feedback.

11-26-2015, 03:36 PM
Matches are easier to get into, but it is still a little buggy.
The never ending loading screen (blue smoke screen with blinking R6 logo bottom left) happens from time to time, but not as often and the only "fix" is Alt F4.
Mostly games start fast to medium or never.

F10 bugges out during character selection some times. You need to Alt Enter twice (window, back to full screen) to get it working.
This is also needed to do with Esc afterwards when the game some times just skips character selection and does not let you choose anyone because Esc stops working as intended ingame and the selection box is gone. When this happens. The game seems to never load until people have done the trick and selected a person.

Feedback on the loading screens etc is not enough. The game needs to tell people if someone is on a slow computer while loading or stuff like that.
Right now people only know whats happening to their team. Of course you shouldnt know the roles, but "selected" and "loaded done" should be displayed.


The game needs a server browser as a BACKUP system. A very good way to do it would be similar to WarHammer Vermintide.
Basically its a standard browser list that is only accessible via a hotkey. So only people that want to use it do, rather than it replacing the "automated" one.
And it makes it easier to join games you want to that are already in progress on the level you want etc instead of the "random" aspect.
It would be a good option for those that gets bugged out as well. To prevent negatives. You make the browser only show games within a given "ping" limit, if that is needed.

My2cent so far.