View Full Version : Give us a "Mute all none Push to Talk"!

11-26-2015, 03:16 PM
Apart from the singing trolls you also have a ton of people that are clueless and they are actually more annoying.
No, I dont want to mute everyone or turn off VOIP because its useful, but I have never encountered anyone ingame that has had an active mic and been useful in a gaming manner.
Its just there to pi_ss people off.

Bump if you agree. Give a game option to mute all "none push to talk" people.

11-26-2015, 09:09 PM
What'll happen is that after about a month most of those idiots will have gone back to call of duty or some other overly arcady nonsense.
Adding a mute all function now would save you from them now, but ultimately (like with party chat on the xbox, (I've just got a PS4 to try and escape party chat, I hope to god you don't have it there to...) you will end up with silent rooms.

The glory of Rainbow has always been the taking the p@ss of complete strangers and working together as a team. I've never had scarier gaming moments than on R6 Black arrow, when everyone had gone quiet and you knew they were all watching over your shoulder ready to rip you when you died. Party chat has killed that on the xbox and I hope that this game goes someway to bringing it back.